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NIR Spectrometers

The 900-2500 nm wavelength range just beyond the visible offers a tremendous wealth of information about the composition of materials that can be used for material identification, quality control, process monitoring, and many medical applications – particularly when combined with the power of chemometrics. Our compact NIR spectrometers give you access to that region with unprecedented sensitivity, signal to noise ratio (SNR), and repeatability – far beyond that of the typical spectrometer based on an InGaAs detector array. Learn why, and see the data to prove it.

The Wasatch performance advantage translates into several key benefits:

  • Low-light measurements can be collected with much faster acquisition times, enabling averaging to further improve SNR, or real-time monitoring of subjects and processes
  • Chemometric models developed are much more robust, and can be translated across instruments without loss of accuracy
  • Limit of detection (LOD) is improved significantly, allowing detection of trace materials and contaminants, or early identification of disease


WP NIR I900 – 1700 nm
WP NIR II900- 1900 nm (coming soon!)
WP NIR III900 – 2200 nm (coming soon!)

Our team has worked with leading research groups and companies in pharma, food authentication, remote monitoring, and agriculture, and can offer you the expertise needed to make your R&D or product development successful. Explore our growing NIR product line above, or contact us today to discuss your unique application.

Read our tech note Why Wasatch for NIR to see performance data comparing our highly efficient f/1.3 transmissive optical design to the typical f/4 crossed Czerny Turner InGaAs spectrometer.

Wasatch Photonics builds some of the most powerful, compact NIR spectrometers in the world. Browse our available models below – more coming soon!

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