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Fiber Optic Raman Probes

We’ve designed our own high NA Raman fiber optic probes to be perfectly matched to our f/1.3 Raman spectrometers. This ensures the field of view of the spectrometer is completely filled by light from the probe, vastly improving collection efficiency and signal over other Raman probes available on the market.

Excitation Wavelength405, 532, 633, 785, 830, or 1064 nm
Collection Opticsf/1.3
Collection Area1 mm diameter spot when using 600 µm collection fiber
Collection Distance11 mm (lens to sample)
Laser Band Pass Filter3 nm bandwidth, >OD 6 out of band rejection
Long pass/Edge Filter>80% transmission, laser line blocking >OD 6
Excitation & Collection FibersIncluded

High OD rejection filters eliminate laser sidebands and autofluorescence generated within the collection fiber for the cleanest signal possible. The compact stainless steel probe head mates to laser and spectrometer with replaceable optical fibers. Excitation and collection fibers matched in NA to the probe head and spectrometer are included to optimize signal and reduce data acquisition time.

We’ve also created a new flexible barrel design allowing for multiple probe tip options with configurable working distances. This allows you to perfectly match the probe to your application, from immersion probes for process to adaptors for mating to your microscope – and focal lengths ranging from long to just a few millimeters from the probe tip.

RP-785-VAR immersion probe

Immersion probe tip option

RP-785-VAR short focal length probe

Short focal length probe tip option

We believe that to truly bring Raman to Life, then how we interface with the different samples is important – so standby for more interesting developments and announcements in the coming months!

Custom fiber optic Raman probes are available at alternate wavelengths and with narrower transition widths for OEM applications. Please contact us at info@wasatchphotonics.com to discuss your needs.

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