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User-Configurable Raman Probe

Our new, innovative Raman probe design features a modular, user-replaceable tip and fibers, which allows you to reconfigure your sampling optics to each new application. Choose from our standard probe tip, a longer BallProbe® for process, or our unique SM05 adaptor with 12.7 mm lenses to access focal lengths ranging from sub-mm to up to 50 mm from the probe tip. All probes are optimized for use with our f/1.3 Raman spectrometers to maximize collection efficiency and signal.

Standard Raman Probe & Tip

Our standard probe comes with a 4 cm long, 11 mm working distance probe tip that works well for most Raman applications. This probe can be easily reconfigured at the factory or by the user with one of the probe tips below to adapt to a new application or operating environment. OEMs may also couple directly to the probe body with their own sampling optics or probe barrel. Fibers for routing excitation light from the laser and collected light to the spectrometer are included.

Excitation Wavelength405, 532, 633, 785, 830, or 1064 nm
Collection Opticsf/1.3
Laser Spot Size~170 μm
Collection Area1 mm diameter spot when using 600 µm collection fiber
Collection Distance11 mm (lens to sample)
Laser Band Pass Filter3 nm bandwidth, >OD 6 out of band rejection
Long pass/Edge Filter>80% transmission, laser line blocking >OD 6
Probe Barrel12.7 mm diameter stainless steel, 38 mm long

BallProbe® Tip for Contact or Immersion

  • Ideal for process or direct contact measurements
  • Sapphire ball probe tip for touch sample focus
  • Probe barrel: 292 mm long SS316L (hastelloy optional)
  • Probe tip rated for high temperature (-20°C to 150°C) & pressure (6000 psi); Hastelloy optional (-20°C to 300°C)
  • Available for 405-1064 nm Raman
  • BallProbe® is a registered trademark of MarqMetrix, Inc.

RP-785-VAR immersion probe

Probe Tip with Custom Lens Adapter

  • Quickly and easily test out focal length and spot size
  • SM05-threaded adapter to fit 12.7 mm diameter optics
  • Broadband lens kit: 11, 25, and 50 mm focal lengths
  • Lenses may be specified for VIS-NIR or NIR use, as needed
  • Compatible with other off-the-shelf coupling components
  • Allows connection to microscope or custom optical setup
  • Ideal for flexible research or OEM development

RP-785-VAR short focal length probe

Applications Using our Raman Probe Options

Our standard probes have been used in a wide variety of applications, including identification of plastics. Our new contact ball probe tip has proven ideal as a Raman process probe to monitor fermentation of sugar. It has also been used with ultrasonic capture for in-situ detection of microplastics, as published in Spectroscopy Magazine’s June 2020 special issue on Raman (read it here!).  Curious about our new custom lens adapter? Stay tuned for a tech note, coming soon to our newsletter – sign up today!

Custom fiber optic Raman probe designs are available at alternate wavelengths and with narrower transition widths for OEM applications. Please contact us at info@wasatchphotonics.com to discuss your needs.

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