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Gratings for Laser Pulse Compression

Wasatch Photonics’ enhanced volume phase holographic (VPH) gratings are exceptional for pulse compression and pulse stretching of high power ultrafast lasers. Our ultraclear transmissive gratings have the highest efficiency on the market, with virtually no ghosting or scatter. Unlike surface relief gratings, our laser pulse compression gratings can be easily cleaned and handled. Choose from our range of stock gratings, or contact us to discuss custom OEM designs and materials. We are your partner, from small quantity prototyping through to volume production.


  • Exceptional 1st order diffraction efficiency (up to 98%)
  • High transmission over the full spectral band
  • Low diffracted wavefront distortion, minimal scatter
  • Uniform over the full clear aperture for minimal beam distortion
  • Ideal for high pulse energy applications
  • Robust design allows easy cleaning & handling
  • Maximum optical design flexibility – ideal for folded designs

Download the Pulse Compression Gratings Product Sheet

Many designers use transmissive pulse compression cavity designs for their flexible, compact, often folded layouts. Our uniform efficiency, minimal scatter, and low wavefront distortion ensure they get the shortest, cleanest pulses.

Laser pulse compression grating efficiency curveOEM SOLUTIONS

At Wasatch Photonics, we understand the processes & metrology needed to manufacture high quality pulse compression gratings in volume, at wavelengths up to 2500 nm. We work collaboratively with our OEM partners on each design and test procedure, establishing customer-specific test fixtures at our site to reduce the burden of inbound testing at your site for guaranteed system-ready performance. Our custom gratings can be tailored in small batches and large volumes alike, with line frequencies of 150 – 5000 lines/mm and bandwidths up to 800 nm. We support optical intensities up to 300 GW/cm2 (100-200 fs pulses, <50 W systems) or up to several kW/cm2 (continuous wave).

Available stock gratings for laser pulse compression are shown below. Don’t see what you need? Let our expert staff design and build a custom grating to meet your application. Request a Quote for a Custom Grating.


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