The Wasatch Advantage

Collect More Light. Keep More Light. Detect More Light.

This may sound simple, but it’s the driving force behind all we do – because it makes for good spectroscopy. Starting with the proprietary volume phase holographic (VPH) gratings on which the company was founded, we’ve designed a spectrometer that maximizes efficiency at every step. By keeping more light in the optical path, we reduce stray light within the bench, thus increasing signal while reducing noise.


Higher sensitivity:

  • Capture brief phenomena, even at low light levels
  • Minimize laser exposure for delicate samples
  • Significantly reduce your measurement time

Faster acquisition rates:

  • Better spatial resolution in 2D scanning applications
  • Ideal for rapid process monitoring, product scanning
  • Allows increased averaging to maximize S:N

Lower limit of detection:

  • Detect illicit materials at trace levels in surface residues
  • Identify banned substances & contaminants on or in foods
  • Develop quantitative models down to low concentration

Learn how this translates into better performance for Raman spectroscopy