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Cobra OCT Spectrometers

Explore the industry-leading OCT spectrometer


Cobra SeriesWasatch Photonics’ Cobra OCT spectrometers fit a surprising amount of resolution, performance, and value into one small box. Beginning with our world-class volume phase holographic gratings, we’ve applied our expertise in spectroscopy to the unique needs of optical coherence tomography (OCT). Our compact, high-throughput spectrometer designs provide exquisite detail at depths where other SD-OCT spectrometers struggle.

Ideally suited for use in both research and OEM applications, Cobra spectrometers offer many clear advantages over other devices: compact size, high throughput, minimal polarization dependence, optimal camera design and excellent roll-off performance. The Cobra spectrometer line’s unique engineering and optical design allow us to provide all of these features at a surprisingly affordable price, simplifying the decision of buy vs build. Learn more about how we optimize our spectrometer performance.


Cobra VIS OCT spectrometer benefits

USB 3.0 interface option benefits

Cobra-S Long -range imaging benefits

Whether you have a new application or an existing system, contact us at +1 919-544-7785 or info@wasatchphotonics.com, and let our expert team help you to design your ideal system.

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Select the Cobra OCT spectrometer line optimized to your specific needs:

Product FamilyModels AvailableKey BenefitApplications
Cobra VIS400-700 nm (80-200 nm bandwidths)NEW! Maximum information – blood oxygenation mappingAngiography, 3D blood oxygenation mapping, high-res retinal imaging, 3D microscopy
Cobra-S 800650-950 nm (28-300 nm bandwidths)Maximum speed – 250 kHz; NEW! Long-range imagingAngiography, vibrometry, real-time 3D imaging;  NEW! Anterior chamber imaging
Cobra 800650-950 nm (60-300 nm bandwidths)Maximum resolutionRetinal imaging, cellular imaging, high-resolution material inspection
Cobra 1050 1000-1110 nm (110 nm bandwidth)Maximum versatilityChoroidal imaging, retinal vasculature, guided photocoagulation therapy
Cobra 1300950-1450 nm (73-500 nm bandwidths)Maximum imaging depthDermatology, anterior segment imaging, sub-surface material inspection

Key Features/Benefits:

  • High sensitivity spectrometer design based on transmissive VPH grating
  • Unique optical design resulting in superior SNR and deeper image clarity
  • Multiple camera options to optimize configuration for each application
  • Excellent rolloff performance
  • Minimal polarization dependence
  • Robust, compact design

Cobra OCT spectrometers can be customized for a variety of applications. These spectrometers can achieve imaging depths of over 12 mm, at imaging resolution below 2 µm, with spectral width greater than 500 nm and spectral resolution below 0.02 nm. Cameras options include Basler Sprint, Dalsa Piranha, Awaiba Dragster, e2v Octoplus, and more.




Contact us at +1 919-544-7785 or info@wasatchphotonics.com to discuss your specific application.

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