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Cobra OCT Spectrometer Series

Explore the industry-leading OCT spectrometer


Cobra-SpectrometersWasatch Photonics’ Cobra OCT spectrometer products fit a surprising amount of resolution, performance, and value into one small box. Beginning with our world-class volume phase holographic gratings, we’ve applied our expertise in spectroscopy to the unique needs of optical coherence tomography (OCT). Our compact, high-throughput OCT spectrometer designs provide exquisite detail at depths where other SD-OCT spectrometers struggle.

Our optimized OCT spectrometers offer many clear advantages: compact size, high throughput, minimal polarization dependence, optimal camera design and excellent roll-off performance. We offer these benefits at wavelengths from 400-1700 nm, ideally suited for use in both research and OEM applications. The Cobra OCT spectrometer line’s unique engineering and optical design allow us to provide all of these features at a surprisingly affordable price, simplifying the decision of buy vs build. Learn more about how we optimize our OCT spectrometer performance.

Whether you have a new application or an existing system, contact us at +1 919-544-7785 or info@wasatchphotonics.com, and let our expert team help you to design your ideal OCT spectrometer.

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Select the Cobra OCT spectrometer family optimized to your specific needs:

Range Product Family Models Available Key Benefit Applications
Visible OCT (e2v OctoPlus cameras) Cobra VIS 400-700 nm (80-200 nm bandwidths) Maximum information – blood oxygenation mapping Angiography, 3D blood oxygenation mapping, high-res retinal imaging, 3D microscopy
800 nm OCT (e2v OctoPlus cameras)

Cobra-S 650-950 nm (60-300 nm bandwidths) Maximum speed & resolution Retinal & anterior chamber imaging, angiography, vibrometry, real-time 3D imaging
Cobra-D 800-880 nm (28-80 nm bandwidths) Greater depth, industrial grade Long-range imaging in ophthalmology, medicine, industrial process monitoring
Cobra OEM 750-930 nm (90-180 nm bandwidths) Compact, lightweight OEM integration into imaging systems for materials processing, inspection, ophthalmology
NIR OCT (Sensors Unlimited InGaAs cameras)

Cobra 1050  1000-1110 nm (110 nm bandwidth) Maximum versatility Choroidal imaging, retinal vasculature, guided photocoagulation therapy
Cobra 1300 950-1690 nm (73-500 nm bandwidths) Maximum imaging depth Dermatology, anterior segment imaging, sub-surface material inspection
Cobra 1600 1450-1690 nm (240 nm bandwidth) Highly scattering samples Optical coherence microscopy, intravascular OCT, non-destructive testing

Key Features/Benefits:

  • High sensitivity OCT spectrometer design based on transmissive VPH grating
  • Unique optical design resulting in superior SNR and deeper image clarity
  • Multiple camera options to optimize configuration for each application
  • Excellent roll-off performance
  • Minimal polarization dependence
  • Robust, compact design

Cobra OCT spectrometers can be customized for a variety of applications. These spectrometers can achieve imaging depths of over 12 mm, at imaging resolution below 2 µm, with spectral width greater than 500 nm and spectral resolution below 0.02 nm. Cameras options include e2v Octoplus, Dalsa Piranha, and Sensors Unlimited.

Contact us at +1 919-544-7785 or info@wasatchphotonics.com to discuss your specific application.

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