Grating Calculator

This grating calculator is intended for reference and educational purposes only. It uses Koglenik’s equations and therefore, doesn’t account for losses in multiple orders nor Fresnel reflections.

Enter the desired values in the white boxes. The Calculations box will calculate the angle of incidence and the angle of diffraction for the desired wavelength. It will also calculate the minimum thickness of the grating medium to minimize losses in multiple orders.

The “Index Modulation” graph shows what the efficiency of the grating will be for S and P polarized light at various index modulations. The resulting graph shows the potential performance of the grating.

If you would like us to evaluate the grating enter your email address and submit the calculation. If you would like to get a quote on the grating, go to the “request a quote” tab, click on custom grating and fill out the needed information.


*Required field for calculations

*Center Wavelength: λ
*Spatial Frequency
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*Max Wavelength
*Effective Thickness μ
*Index Modulation: δn
Minimum Thickness
Angle of Incidence (Ext): Θl
Angle of Diffraction (Ext): Θd