Custom Gratings and OEM Designs

WP-online-gratingsWasatch Photonics is an innovator in the field of custom gratings for original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and bespoke applications. We’re an independent company with a customer-first mindset, which gives us unprecedented freedom in turning your specifications into high-performance end-products. Using industry-leading design protocols and the best tools available, we routinely fabricate production-ready, application-specific solutions that can radically improve your optical system’s performance.

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What Sets Wasatch Custom Gratings Apart?

Our design process begins with a simple set of calculations, which is then brought to life by our experienced and dedicated team of optical and process engineers. What’s your working bandwidth and center wavelength? How about your desired spatial frequency? Once you have provided us with the basics, we can leverage our multiple volume phase holographic (VPH) grating design technologies and expertise with OEM systems to rapidly test, refine, and ultimately release your suggestions. The Wasatch Photonics custom grating design team is equipped with the fabrication and metrology equipment to holographically image, cut, and characterize gratings for a diverse range of custom needs, guaranteeing an extremely thorough and precise development pipeline.

Our applications experts and operations team will collaborate with you throughout the design, development and manufacturing process. This guarantees that all our custom gratings are not only fit for purpose but that they add functionality and/or reduce costs, to deliver a truly bespoke product that works for you on multiple fronts.

In-House Custom Gratings: Design & Manufacture

At Wasatch Photonics, we leverage 20 years of experience and multiple patents in the production of VPH transmission gratings to continually innovate and find new solutions for our customers. This enables us to deliver the best-in-class VPH gratings for professionals in a wide market cross-section. Our success in OEM applications in particular comes courtesy of our unerring attention to detail. We engineer custom gratings with high 1st order diffraction efficiency and low polarization sensitivity, while maintaining low transmitted wavefront error (<λ/5 @ 633 nm) and minimal scattering.

Our custom gratings can be tailored for various bandwidths across the entire visible and near-infrared (NIR) region (300 – 2500 nm) with line frequencies of 150 – 5000 lines/mm and bandwidths of 20 – 800 nm. We also cater to specialist applications requiring exceptionally high efficiency at a single polarization, gratings that can be angle-tuned to vary their operating range, and integration of gratings with prisms and other unique optics. We fabricate on multiple glass types, in any size or shape that can be drilled or diced, from 8 mm to 30 cm.

Typical Applications of Wasatch Custom Gratings

Though we never limit ourselves to a fixed suite of applications, we do field common requests for OEM laser pulse stretchers/compressors, optical coherence tomography (OCT), Raman and UV/VIS/NIR spectroscopy, and hyperspectral imaging systems. We pride ourselves on delivering high-performance custom gratings that can be easily integrated into any optical system down the line. We achievable this through collaboration and expertise, placing the customer at the heart of the development process. Learn more about our most popular grating applications.

Are you looking for a custom grating solution but aren’t sure where to start? Explore some possible grating designs with our online grating calculator or initiate a custom grating request with your desired parameters. Better yet, contact us below to begin the conversation with our team today.

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