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Enabling OCT with Innovative Solutions

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WP OCT application software & SDKs
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We’ve created a line of configurable, modular OCT solutions to get you clearer images, faster. Hundreds of hours of design, system-level testing, and sample measurements have gone into optimizing each component –hours you can put towards your application. Choose from multiple bandwidth, depth & speed options at each wavelength, or draw on our expertise to find the best solution for your OCT application. From proof of concept to volume manufacturing, we get you clearer images, faster.

Contact us at +1 919-544-7785 or info@wasatchphotonics.com to discuss your specific application.


  • Cobra VIS series: 550 nm vis-OCT for blood oxygenation and tissue perfusion
  • Cobra-S 800 series: Hi-res 250 kHz imaging for angiography, vibrometry, & real-time 3D imaging. NEW: Long-range imaging & USB 3.0!
  • Cobra 800 series: Maximum resolution for retinal & cellular imaging and high-resolution material inspection
  • Cobra 1050 series: Ideal for deep retinal imaging
  • Cobra 1300 series: Greater imaging depth for dermatology, anterior segment imaging, and sub-surface material inspection
  • Learn how we’ve optimized our OCT spectrometers with custom optics for better roll-off and clearer images

Cobra Series


With innovative optical design & robust scan electronics, these probes deliver  aberration-free imaging at 800, 1050, or 1300 nm for best resolution and SNR. Each comes with an integrated 10 MP color camera, and software drivers for control.

  • Ultracompact probes: These MEMS-based OCT probes go from handheld to mounted in seconds, and measure just 3x3x2″
  • High speed probes: Our galvo probes offer high precision for challenging applications, with perfect synchronization
  • Animal retina probes: 40° field of view, robust point & scan operation

WP OCT Probes


Acquire, process, and visualize OCT data using our  powerful software and image processing libraries. We’ve designed our suite of OCT software solutions to create an enabling tool with power and flexibility for researchers and OEMs. Whether you want to immediately begin collecting images with our OCT systems, or very quickly develop your own laboratory or OEM software for OCT, we have the tools to speed your development, from the spectrometer to the system level.

Learn more about our OCT software & SDKs

WP OCT application software & SDKs



Our fully optimized, turnkey OCT imaging systems are designed around our best-in-class Cobra-series OCT spectrometers to provide high-resolution imaging to greater depths. We’ve carefully refined every aspect of our system design, from scanning sychronization and sample arm control to our new WP OCT application software. Leverage our experience to accelerate your research!


  • Superior SNR for greater, deeper image clarity
  • Premier optical design with subpixel resolution
  • >30 spectrometer models for the exact range, resolution, speed, depth, & cost you need
  • Near-diffraction limited focusing across the detector array to minimize camera roll-off
  • Patented VPH gratings for low polarization dependence & high diffraction efficiency
  • Advanced spectrometers like the Cobra-S: 250 kHz scanning, <6 dB rolloff @ 2.5 mm
  • In-house OCT expertise and understanding of your application needs

Learn how we optimize our spectrometer designs


We often work with OEMs to adapt our configurable designs to new cameras, unique footprints, and custom sample types. We also offer a range of time-saving accessories for OCT, including broadband light sources. manual & motorized interferometer modules, and electronics & firmware to synchronize  sample arm scanning & image acquisition. Let us speed your system design & build with our optimized, off-the-shelf components and expertise.



  • Accelerated system design & build
  • Can be customized to each application
  • Drop-in components optimized for OCT yield higher performance systems
  • Guaranteed component compatibility, performance, and quality
  • Transition quickly from feasibility testing  to volume OEM manufacture
  • Centralized, intuitive control software with advanced image processing

Contact us at +1 919-544-7785 or info@wasatchphotonics.com to discuss your specific application or OEM needs.

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