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Enabling OCT with Innovative Solutions

Gratings & spectrometers for faster, clearer imaging

Optical coherence tomography is a powerful technique for non-destructive 3D imaging of tissue and materials. It is used in research, medical diagnostics, guided surgery, industrial processing, and non-destructive testing. At Wasatch Photonics, we enable those applications with innovative solutions built on our industry-leading OCT gratings. Our patented designs reduce roll-off and increase sensitivity for faster, clearer images. Whether you’re a researcher or OEM, we’ll support you with the right grating or spectrometer to quickly build a system that captures the images you need.  Contact us today!

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Our patented gratings for OCT lead the market, delivering superior 1st order diffraction efficiency and low scatter for all polarizations, even at the extremes of a 100-200 nm bandwidth range. This translates into less roll-off and faster scan rates for your SD-OCT spectrometer or system, regardless of the application.

OCT Grating efficiency


The best images start with the right spectrometer, and we offer more than 30 models with speeds up to 250 kHz to find your perfect fit. Choose the center wavelength and bandwidth for the depth and resolution you need, then select the camera, speed and connection right for your application (including USB 3.0). Our proprietary low roll-off design delivers the best images possible.


We’ve developed powerful SDKs and software to help you acquire, process, and visualize data from our high-performance Cobra series spectrometers  quickly and easily, bypassing the need to sift through lengthy manuals to acquire data from the cameras most often used for OCT. Whether you need to collect images with your system or rapidly develop your own laboratory or OEM software for a spectrometer, we have the tools to speed your development.

WP OCT application software & SDKs



Accelerate your product development with a drop-in OEM module or subsystem customized to your application. Our off-the-shelf spectrometers give you the flexibility to quickly test your ideas while defining requirements for your ideal solution. Our OEMs work collaboratively with us through the design and prototype stages, retaining control over the development process while conserving valuable engineering resources. Let us speed your system design & build with our expertise & field-tested designs.

  • Accelerated system design & build
  • Control over performance, footprint, sample type, and cost
  • Guaranteed component compatibility, performance, and quality
  • Transition quickly from feasibility testing to volume manufacture

Contact us to discuss your specific application and OEM needs.


  • Superior SNR for greater, deeper image clarity
  • Premier optical design with subpixel resolution
  • >30 spectrometer models for the exact range, resolution, speed, depth, & cost you need
  • Near-diffraction limited focusing across the detector array to minimize camera roll-off
  • Patented VPH gratings for low polarization dependence & high diffraction efficiency
  • Advanced spectrometers like the Cobra-S: 250 kHz scanning, <6 dB rolloff @ 2.5 mm
  • In-house OCT expertise and understanding of your application needs


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