Press Release: X Series for Raman Spectroscopy

Morrisville, NC – January 19, 2024 – Wasatch Photonics is excited to announce its new flagship line of compact Raman spectrometers and systems. The WP Raman X series is the most powerful, comprehensive compact Raman product line ever created, with superior sensitivity and flexibility to serve the needs of researchers […]

Raman Spectroscopy can make diagnostic dreams a reality

Recent technological developments and falling prices of Raman spectrometers have enabled it to become a viable technique for an increasing number of fields and applications, including use in the biomedical and biochemical fields. In this Electro Optics article, Raman to Make Diagnostic Dreams a Reality, author David Stewart discusses with […]

Multiplexed Bacteria Identification with SERS

The article “Rapid, Portable Pathogen Detection with Multiplexed SERS-based Nanosensors” featured in Spectroscopy Magazine details a novel assay using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) as a rapid, accurate and portable diagnostic tool to identify the cause of bacterial infections. Antibiotic resistance rates are rising for many common pathogens, putting added pressure […]

Getting a good fingerprint via Raman spectra

We are delighted to share that the January 2023 issue of Laser Focus World magazine will feature an article written by our own Cicely Rathmell, VP of Marketing, and Senior Staff Scientist, Dr. Dieter Bingemann. Getting a good fingerprint via Raman spectra details how variability in Raman spectra can be […]

Press Release: Wasatch Photonics Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

LOGAN, UT – December 15, 2022 – Wasatch Photonics is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary of helping customers develop new applications of light. Founded in 2002, the company designs and manufactures high efficiency transmission gratings for spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography (OCT), astronomy, and pulse compression, as well as spectrometers […]

We’re Hiring!

We are growing rapidly, and we’re seeking great people to join us. We work with researchers and OEMs at the forefront to create solutions that improve our health, our environment, our safety, and our quality of life. Do you want to be part of a company making an impact? Come […]

Advancements in Diffraction Gratings for Smaller Spectrometers

Trends toward smaller spectrometers are pushing the boundaries of conventional diffraction gratings for increased performance. In this Photonics Spectra article, Advancements in Diffraction Gratings Aim to Change the Rules, Contributing Editor, Hank Hogan, discusses the role diffraction gratings have played in enabling the increasing trend towards smaller spectrometers, which calls […]

CWMD Consortium Membership

As of June 2022, Wasatch Photonics is proud to be an accepted member of the CWMD Consortium (Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction), an organization focused on reducing, eliminating, countering, surviving, and mitigating the effects of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) threats. The CWMD Consortium supports companies developing new technologies related […]

Decoding Corrosion Using Raman Spectroscopy

Wasatch Photonics partnered with CEST and Vienna University of Technology in Austria to support a novel in situ study of corrosion processes using Raman spectroscopy. The study monitored corrosion products on metal surfaces using a compact, probe-based Raman spectrometer in a salt fog chamber. The process of corrosion is complex […]

Laser Word Focus article on SERS partnership

Point-of-need sensors get a boost from hybrid SERS partnership

Laser Word Focus article on SERS partnership

Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) has the potential to enable new point-of-need measurements for use in healthcare, forensics, homeland security and food safety due to its superior sensitivity and wide applicability. In this Laser Focus World interview by Peter Fretty, we talk about our partnership with Nikalyte Ltd. to explore and […]