SD-oCT is used in ophthalmology to probe the eye non-destructively

Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography: Ultra-High Resolution Ophthalmic Imaging

SD-oCT is used in ophthalmology to probe the eye non-destructively

Ophthalmic imaging is an integral part of diagnostic procedures evaluating eye conditions. It enables ophthalmologists to image actual living tissue deep in the human eye at microscopic resolution and thus provides the basis for treatments of eye diseases. Optical coherence tomography, or OCT, is the method of choice for ophthalmologists […]

Astronomical Spectrographs

Wasatch Photonics VPH Gratings Look to the Stars Nightly, all over the world, observatories open their domes to collect light from the far reaches of the universe. The telescopes within diligently condense these precious photons for careful analysis by instruments like spectrographs, which further break down that light into its […]

Advantages of UV Raman

Exciting options for fluorescence suppression The trade off between signal strength and fluorescence background often dominates the choice of excitation wavelength for Raman spectroscopy. But what if fluorescence background could be eliminated entirely? UV Raman allows just that. In this application note, we’ll explore its advantages, the technical challenges it […]

What is OCTA?

OCTA Tutorial: How does OCT Angiography Work? OCTA, also known as OCT angiography, is a non-invasive and dye-free imaging technique that can be used to visualize blood flow in tissues in 3D. It is a variant of optical coherence tomography (OCT), an optical imaging modality first applied in ophthalmology. OCT […]

Implantable SERS Biosensors

Finding the right matrix for pH SERS-active sensing assays in conjunction with the availability of highly sensitive compact Raman spectrometers offer great promise for implantable biosensors. In this application note, we explore the potential of SERS to outshine fluorescence-based biosensors, looking at one research group’s innovative sensor design as they […]


In-vivo Corneal Imaging


High speed UHR-OCT reaches the cellular level by Cicely Rathmell Recent increases in the speed and resolution of ultrahigh resolution OCT are opening up new possibilities for in-vivo, non-contact imaging of the cellular structure of biological tissue at image acquisition rates high enough to suppress significantly image artifacts arising from […]

Schematic showing Raman monitoring of a bioprocess in real time.

Raman Process Monitoring

Schematic showing Raman monitoring of a bioprocess in real time.

Raman shows its strengths for process monitoring in biotechnology as we use PLS and PCA to follow the fermentation of glucose by yeast to generate ethanol with a probe-based 785 Raman system.


Designing Raman Solutions


Our toolbox for Raman spectroscopy gives you the flexibility to optimize your application without compromising on performance or size. Explore the many options!

NIR Grain Identification

See how easily a compact NIR spectrometer and its OEM equivalent can achieve conclusive grain identification of a dozen grain types with some simple analysis.

OCT in Ophthalmology

Expedition into the Eye >> Learn how OCT is transforming our understanding of the eye, from tear film to photoreceptors.   The eye is a delicate yet intricate structure, making it challenging territory to explore. With the emergence of optical coherence tomography (OCT) over the past 25 years, researchers and […]