Schematic showing Raman monitoring of a bioprocess in real time.

Raman Process Monitoring

Schematic showing Raman monitoring of a bioprocess in real time.

Raman shows its strengths for process monitoring in biotechnology as we use PLS and PCA to follow the fermentation of glucose by yeast to generate ethanol with a probe-based 785 Raman system.


Designing Raman Solutions


Our toolbox for Raman spectroscopy gives you the flexibility to optimize your application without compromising on performance or size. Explore the many options!

NIR Grain Identification

Separating the wheat from the chaff with SIMCA Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is routinely used to analyze grain identity and grain quality in agricultural production, and at various stages of processing. To work in these environments it must be rapid, consistent, capable of delivering robust answers, and preferably compact. To demonstrate […]

OCT in Ophthalmology

Expedition into the Eye >> Learn how OCT is transforming our understanding of the eye, from tear film to photoreceptors.   The eye is a delicate yet intricate structure, making it challenging territory to explore. With the emergence of optical coherence tomography (OCT) over the past 25 years, researchers and […]

Wound healing & OCT

Wound Healing & OCT

Wound healing & OCT

OCT as Optical Biopsy in Dermatology Skin is the largest organ of the body, possessing an amazing ability to heal itself even after considerable damage. As our primary barrier against microbes and the elements, it is key that we understand the dermal repair process and how to speed it. OCT […]

Plastics recycling

Rapid Plastic ID with Extended Range Raman

Plastics recycling

Raman spectroscopy beyond the fingerprint region proves ideal for polymer identification in high throughput sorting of plastics, discriminating within families & signaling the presence of additives.

Saffron Quality: The price of authenticity

UV-VIS absorbance guarantees freshness, flavor Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, commanding $20 for a single gram of premium grade Kashmiri or Spanish saffron, and easily $5000/kg in bulk. These precious deep red threads lend dishes a subtle but luxurious fragrance, flavor, and bright golden color. The […]

Authentication of Pisco

From origin to alcohol content with Raman spectroscopy Validating authenticity, purity, alcohol content, and safety are common problems in the lucrative alcoholic beverage market, particularly when pricing is dependent on origin, variety, or alcohol content. The industry relies heavily on expert tasters and time-consuming analytical laboratory testing to combat substitution […]

VPH Gratings: Flexibility in Design

Wasatch Photonics VPH gratings offer optical and instrument designers a tremendous amount of flexibility to optimize performance for a specific application. In this tech note, we’ll discuss the benefits of the various standard and patented grating design technologies at our disposal, and the general grating parameters we can control to meet your specific needs.

Tech Note: Long-range imaging – 800 nm OCT goes ultra-deep

  OCT imaging has traditionally required the use of longer wavelengths to probe depths greater than a few millimeters in a single scan, bringing with it the higher cost associated with NIR detectors. Not to be deterred, we have developed a patent-pending optical spectrometer design that allows us to achieve […]