Ultimate Diffraction Grating

Holograms are a novel way to optically manipulate light. In the early 70’s, Richard Rallison developed a process for making holograms using Dichromated gelatin (DCG). From this, he formed a company to produce various holographic images on 2″ glass disks. He was successful at this and became well known as a holography […]

World’s Fastest Spectrometers

80 years of volume phase holographic experience came together to form Wasatch Photonics (WP). From this, we developed “Ultimate Diffraction Gratings”. Spectroscopy was a natural extension of our grating business, so we opened our Durham facility to incorporate our gratings with an optimum optical design. This f 1.3 optical design paired […]

Getting All the Photons

The invention of the laser, in 60’s, made real 3D holograms a reality. Holography was born in an era of science, rock and roll, hippies and art. The scientific development and the extreme 3D Imagery produced was exciting and sometimes intoxicating. Richard Rallison made his first hologram, in his kitchen, […]