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We build solutions. Together we’ll create answers.

At Wasatch Photonics, we go beyond custom to create unique, bespoke gratings, spectrometers, and integrated system designs for our OEMs. We’ll share our deep understanding of photonics, optical design, and spectroscopy, working with you as a collaborator to create products that will differentiate you in your marketplace. From custom form factors, gratings, detectors, and sample coupling optics to proprietary electronics and interfaces, we can develop a solution perfectly suited to your application.

ISO 901:2015 certifiedWhy Wasatch for OEM?

Great products begin with a dream – an idea with the potential to transform a difficult problem into a simple answer. At Wasatch Photonics, we’re run independently and think innovatively, allowing us to work dynamically with you on every step of that journey. You need a partner who understands the needs of your application and your business as a whole, and we deliver with decades of team experience in the design and build of OEM products. Drawing on our best-in-class tools, we create robust, drop-in solutions that speed your time to market and enhance your product performance. If you’re ready to share your vision, we’re ready to help you bring it to life. Here’s just a sampling of what we offer:

  • High efficiency optics leveraged by custom in-house VPH grating design & development
  • Systems approach to design, including bespoke front-end optics & sample interfaces
  • Controlled processes for consistent quality ensure uniform, dependable performance
  • Cross-disciplinary applications expertise, with hands-on problem solving & management
  • System integration & miniaturization taking you from prototyping to volume manufacture

Our modular, best-in-class products give you the flexibility to quickly prove out and refine your ideas – with access to our applications experts along the way. Designed with the OEM in mind, our products can quickly be distilled to their essentials and integrated to reduce cost & footprint while adding functionality. Let us speed your time to market with a bespoke solution that draws on our engineering strengths.

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In-house grating design & manufacture

> Exceptional efficiency, low wavefront distortion, minimal scatter
> Multiple patented VPH transmission grating design techniques
> HD: High transmission, low polarization sensitivity for up to 200 nm
> Dickson: >90% efficiency for narrow bandwidths, s- & p-polarization
> Pulse compression: Max efficiency, excellent uniformity & wavefront
> Custom dispersion, size, AOI and wavelength: 300-2500 nm

Comprehensive engineering support

> Seasoned engineers mapped to each aspect of system design
> Design, integration and modeling of optical components & systems
> Detector/camera integration, data pre-processing; power, cooling & laser driver circuit design; FPGA & microcontroller programming
> Thermal/vibration management, system integration, industrial design
> Data/image post-processing, GUI design, interface & platform porting

Custom module designs that deliver

> Highly adaptable transmissive spectrometer benches with diffraction-limited optics for exceptional throughput, SNR, and superior imaging
> Integrated laser/LED light sources, routing, & control circuits
> Custom front-end opto-mechanics for sample interfacing: flow cells, chambers, plate readers, probes, galvo/MEMs-based scanning heads
> Integrated systems: control, cooling, battery power, portable/handheld

A commitment to quality you can trust
At Wasatch Photonics, our commitment to efficiency and superior performance extends well beyond our products. It’s inherent in our technical support as we collaborate to create a bespoke design perfectly attuned to your needs. It’s evident in our ISO-certified new product development process, lean manufacturing approach, and quality. It’s there in our customer service and delivery as you navigate product launch and spikes in market demand. Let’s start our partnership today.


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