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Do you need an easy way to calculate Raman shift for your spectrometer or experiment? Use our Raman shift / wavelength calculator tools below to convert instantly, or download our apps for Apple or Android for easy access. Enter the values you know, and the others will be automatically computed and updated (laser wavelength is required).

The Raman Shift Calculator allows you to convert a known absolute wavelength to a Raman shift in wavenumbers, or to convert a known Raman shift in wavenumbers to an absolute wavelength.

The Raman Spectral Range Calculator allows you to compute the spectral range for a Raman spectrometer in either wavelengths or shifts in wavenumber.

Raman Shift Calculator

Raman Spectral Range Calculator

Wavelength (nm) Wavenumber (cm⁻¹)

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Want to implement the math in your own spreadsheets or applications? Here are the equations we use in our Raman shift calculator:

Wavelength >> Raman shift

Raman shift >> Wavelength

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Raman shift calculator

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