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WP 830XM Raman Spectrometer Series for OEMs

The WP 830XM series is our highest throughput Raman spectrometer, as well as the most lightweight and compact. Available to OEMs and product developers only, it covers the fingerprint range with resolution suitable for library matching and feature identification. Robust, reproducible, and thermally stable, it is backed by thousands of hours in the field and comprehensive engineering support.

  • Superior optical design based on our patented VPH transmission gratings
  • f/1.3 input aperture and focused range to deliver high throughput, excellent SNR
  • Optical coupling via fiber (with or without integrated laser), or fully integrated Raman probe
  • TEC-regulated detector (10°C) for low power draw; direct control of integrated lasers
  • Excellent unit-to-unit reproducibility due to robust, thermally stable optical bench
  • 270 – 2400 cm-1 measurement range, <15 cm-1 resolution, optional 450 mW laser
  • Open-source ENLIGHTEN™ software & SDKs developed specifically for Raman

Download full specifications  Download the OEM Products Brochure

Complete Your Raman System

These powerful, highly compact OEM Raman spectrometers have been deployed in a wide range of applications, each one carefully & collaboratively configured to offer the best value for the task at hand. Standard configurations include spectrometer only, spectrometer + laser, or fully integrated spectrometer + laser & sampling optics. Need to minimize footprint and power draw for a handheld instrument? Contact us to discuss your specific needs, or learn more about our system configuration options.

FULLY MODULAR SYSTEMA fully modular Raman system uses fibers to route excitation light between laser, probe, and spectrometer. This is ideal for bringing Raman to the sample.

Start with the WP 830XM-IS-OEM

SEMI-INTEGRATED SYSTEMA semi-integrated Raman system combines the spectrometer and laser into a compact, cost-effective footprint, with direct laser power control via software.

Start with the WP 830XM-ILS-OEM

FULLY INTEGRATED SYSTEMA fully integrated Raman system combines the laser, sampling optics, and spectrometer with high optical efficiency, offering direct laser power control via software.

Start with the WP 830XM-ILP-OEM

Optical Specifications

TEC-Regulated (-R)
SPECTROMETER (-IS model)Spectral range270-2400 cm-1
(25 µm slit)
f/1.3 input9 cm-1
Detector TEC setpoint10 ± 0.2°C
Minimum integration time3 ms
OPTIONAL INTEGRATED LASER (-ILS, -ILP models)Laser type830 nm, multimode
Laser powerUp to 450 mW, controlled via ENLIGHTENTM software
OPTIONAL INTEGRATED PROBE (-ILP model)Working distance (from face of lens)22 mm
Laser spot size (nominal)120 µm
Note: Specifications are subject to change based on available components & manufacturing data.


We offer an f/1.3 optical bench for the XM series to maximize collection efficiency for the highest signal spectra.


We offer a 25 μm slit as standard for the WP 830XM series, and 15 & 50 μm slits as options to achieve better resolution or more throughput, respectively. Sensitivity and resolution are competing factors when choosing slit size. A larger slit allows more light to enter the spectrometer, increasing sensitivity for low-light applications. Resolution improves, however, as slit width is reduced (though not always linearly). Due to the high sensitivity of our low f/# spectrometer designs, it is often possible to use a smaller slit width than would be required with a typical f/4 spectrometer, allowing you to achieve higher resolution.


We offer A TEC-regulated (-R) detector cooled externally to 10 ± 0.2°C for the WP 830XM series. This achieves high signal to noise and good thermal stability at reduced power draw and cost for maximum value. Due to the superior optical throughput of the XM series, the majority of users are able to operate at integration times of 1000 ms or less, even with challenging Raman samples. Need advice? Contact us to discuss what’s best for your specific application.

Software & Hardware

Spectrometer inputFiber-coupled SMA 905 connector
(FC/PC, free space collimating lens, or open slit upon request)
Fully integrated sampling optics:
22 mm working distance,
120 µm laser spot size on sample
Laser outputN/AFC/PC connector
CommunicationsUSB 2.0 Type B connector
Software / controlENLIGHTENTM Raman spectroscopy software & SDKs included
Library matchingIdentify Raman spectra via Wiley's KnowItAll Raman Spectral Library
(free trial, fully integrated into ENLIGHTENTM)
Operating temperature0°C to 40°C, non-condensing
Dimensions & weightOEM modules on a baseplate: 17.0 x 17.8 x 5.5 cm, <1.5 kg

Operating Software & SDKs

Our free ENLIGHTEN™ spectroscopy software has all the features and control you need to quickly and easily collect Raman spectra from Wasatch Photonics spectrometers. View your spectra live, overlay current data with previous scans, or export raw and processed spectral data for further analysis. Learn more

Software development kits (SDKs) are also available to enable custom software development. We’ve created these drivers for developers who want to integrate our spectrometers into your own Python or C# applications, or for advanced users who wish to control our spectrometers from interactive graphical environments like LabVIEW or MATLAB. Download now

Raman Library Matching

Wasatch Photonics Raman spectroscopy customers receive a complimentary trial of Wiley Science Solution’s KnowItAll Raman Identification Pro for spectral identification. Accessible through the Wasatch Photonics ENLIGHTEN software, users benefit from the comprehensive, high-quality database of reference Raman spectra in a single software application, thereby enhancing the user experience. Wiley offers the largest collection of Raman spectra in the world along with fast and accurate spectral search software. How it works


Competitive Advantage

Our Raman spectrometers are far more sensitive and higher throughput than the average compact spectrometer – to give you better spectra in less time. We’ve made them robust & reproducible enough to give reliable answers in the lab, the field, or the hospital. We offer more configurations than any other Raman spectrometer provider, and help you to find the right fit through our expertise & experience, supported by Raman-specific software tools with full data transparency so that you have full control over data analysis. We care enough to listen to our customers and respond, and we will listen to your needs to help you get the best solution possible. Select one of the icons below to learn more about a specific capability, or download the full tech note describing our benefits:

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We are an experienced OEM partner

At Wasatch Photonics, we’ve built a team that understands the needs of OEM customers, and a spectrometer bench that exceeds them. Our OEM Raman spectrometers are robust, compact, and easy to integrate, yet deliver the same outstanding sensitivity of our standard laboratory instruments. Our transmission optical bench is designed with diffraction-limited optics, achieving an optimum balance of throughput and resolution across the fingerprint range, with alignment that remains stable across temperature and in the harshest environments. Consistency, reliability, and value are key when you’re designing a product to be built in volume and deployed in the real world, and we deliver – in performance, in expertise, and in the quality of our service. Learn more about our OEM philosophy, capabilities, and support

When you choose the WP 830XM for your next product development, you get:

  • Configurable, scalable OEM Raman spectrometers and systems, at volumes of 1 to >1000
  • A proven optomechanical bench already deployed widely in compact & handheld Raman instruments
  • Programmer-friendly, open-source software & SDKs in multiple languages, GitHub access
  • OEM partnership & consultation, from product design to volume production

Our WP 830XM series configuration options include:

  • System configuration: spectrometer only (IS), with integrated laser (ILS), or with integrated laser and sampling optics/probe (ILP)
  • Sample coupling: external fiber optic Raman probe vs integrated probe (learn more)
  • Slit size: 25 µm is standard, 15 µm & 50 µm custom

Need something slightly different? We also support custom optical designs & integration with customer electronics upon request.  Contact us to discuss your unique application and customization options.

Common Raman Spectral Bands

The pattern of peaks in a Raman spectrum is unique to the sample, providing a fingerprint which can be used to identify or analyze the material. The ‘fingerprint’ region up to 1500 cm-1 is often enough to confirm identity, while the extended ‘functional’ region out to 3600 cm-1 includes bands for additional, functional groups in a molecule. In addition to our standard models, we can design custom range spectrometers for OEMs. See below for common Raman spectral bands and how they compare to the range of the WP 830XM with regulated (-R) detector.

Alternate System Configurations

Need something slightly different? We offer a higher-end line of Raman spectrometers for the most challenging measurements, and a mid-range series that covers the functional band in a slightly larger footprint than the XM series. Consider the option below, or explore our full family of Raman products.


  • 270 – 2950 cm-1 measurement range, < 10 cm-1 resolution; optional integrated, software-controlled 450 mW laser
  • High NA, f/1.3 optical design for best-in-class sensitivity or f/1.8 design for higher FWHM spectral resolution
  • Optical coupling via fiber (with or without integrated laser), or fully integrated Raman probe
  • Choice of regulated (10°C) or TEC-cooled detector (-15°C)
  • Available as a laboratory unit or streamlined OEM module

WP 830X spectrometer series


  • High NA, f/1.5 optical design for best-in-class sensitivity or f/2.0 design for higher FWHM spectral resolution
  • 200-2000 cm-1 spectral range with 4 cm-1 resolution (f/1.5 input) or 3 cm-1 resolution (f/2.0 input)
  • Preconfigured with Andor iDus 416 series camera, or configurable with user-supplied camera
  • Choice of SMA or free space cage system as input
  • Optomechanical shutter for dark measurements

WP 830XL spectrometer

Other Wavelength Options

785 nm Raman
830 nm Raman

Choosing the right Raman wavelength for your application is a question of balancing sensitivity and selectivity. Although shorter wavelengths deliver the strongest Raman signal, fluorescence background can degrade signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) if the wrong wavelength is used. That’s why we offer multiple excitation wavelengths, matching your specific needs and sample type to the best wavelength for the application. Click on the buttons above to explore our alternate wavelengths. Still unsure of what you need? Read our tech note, Choosing your Raman excitation wavelength, or contact us for a personal consultation or sample testing.

Technical Notes

  • Choosing a Portable Raman Spectrometer
    Why Wasatch for Raman? Learn the most important qualities in a portable Raman spectrometer, how they impact your research or product development, and how we deliver the sensitivity, reliability, configurability, ease of use, and data access you need.
  • Reproducible Raman Measurements
    Raman OEM applications need consistent spectra to deliver dependable answers. Learn how to achieve >99.5% unit-to-unit agreement using a series of simple corrections.
  • Raman: Wavelength Matters
    Learn how to choose the right excitation wavelength to achieve maximum signal and minimum noise, from 405-1064 nm, for a wide range of sample types.