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WP 830 XL Raman Spectrometer

  • Choice of input aperture: f/1.5 for maximum signal or f/2.0 for resolution
  • User-configurable input coupling, interchangeable slit & cage system interface options
  • Internal opto-mechanical shutter for automated optical dark collection
  • Compatible with ultra-cooled scientific cameras for extremely low-light Raman signals & long measurement times
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Complete Your Raman System

Capture your most elusive Raman signals with this compact, powerhouse spectrometer designed for the unique needs of research Raman. We’ve built it around our high efficiency VPH transmission gratings and diffraction limited optics, and stacked it with flexible configuration options to address a wide variety of range, resolution, sensitivity, and sample interface needs, making even your most novel & demanding Raman measurements a reality.

Make it a powerful, fully modular research Raman setup:
• Delivered off-the-shelf with an ultra-cooled Andor iDus 416 camera; optical bench design is also compatible with other Andor camera models upon request, or available without camera
• Add an 830 nm laser and our unique user-configurable probe and sampling chamber
OR add an off-the-shelf optical cage system for maximum flexibility in your sampling optics
• Collect automated optical dark measurements easily using the internal shutter & TTL control
• Control camera via chosen camera vendor software to access novel multi-channel and stacked-fiber measurement options

Optical Specifications

Standard Range (-SR)
Spectral Range*200-2000 cm-1
(25 µm slit, Andor iDus 416 camera)
f/1.5 Input4 cm-1
f/2.0 Input3 cm-1
Spectrometer InputFiber-coupled SMA or FC/PC / Free space collimating lens / Open slit
(optional user-interchangeable coupling and slit, -IC)
Optomechanical ShutterBistable shutter, controlled via TTL signal, BNC connection

*Start and end wavenumber may be customized, but total range is fixed. Contact us for options.

Note: Specifications are subject to change based on available components & manufacturing data.

Software & Hardware

Standard Range (-SR)Extended Range (-ER)
Optomechanical ShutterBistable shutter, controlled via TTL signal, BNC connection
Camera OptionsOptimized for Andor iDus 416 series
(compatible with similar cameras / available without camera)
CommunicationsPer camera specification (Andor Solis software & SDKs for standard models)
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C, non-condensing
Dimensions18.3 x 20.0 x 10.7 cm22.8 x 19.7 x 10.7 cm
Weight3.4 kg3.4 kg

Engineering Documents

Competitive Advantage

By popular request, we’ve designed one of our compact, high-throughput optical benches for use with an ultra-cooled scientific camera, giving you the best of both worlds for the most challenging Raman measurements in your research. Every Raman scattered photon is treated as precious by our high-efficiency optics and patented VPH transmission gratings, with spectrometer configuration options that let you balance input aperture and range with resolution. Compatibility with ultra-cooled scientific cameras enables novel multi-channel and stacked-fiber measurements, while our user-interchangeable input coupling (-IC) makes unique sampling geometries & slit changes a breeze.

One of the significant advantages of our WP Raman XL-Series is its modular input interface, allowing it to easily integrate into both new and existing setups. This is reflected in our configurable input aperture (f/1.5 or f/2.0), as well as our interchangeable coupling (-IC) system that enables selection of both slit size and input type. The WP Raman XL-Series can also be interfaced directly with off-the-shelf 30 mm optical cage systems, accommodating 25 mm (1″) diameter optics, as shown at left. An optical cage system uses four rigid steel rods to mount optical components along a common optical axis, allowing the user to continuously modify the system’s design by adding additional components, such as optical mounts and angular brackets.

No matter where your research takes you, we’ve designed an optical bench with the flexibility to get you there. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Common Raman Spectral Bands

The pattern of peaks in a Raman spectrum is unique to the sample, providing a fingerprint which can be used to identify or analyze the material. The ‘fingerprint’ region up to 1500 cm-1 is often enough to confirm identity, while the extended ‘functional’ region out to 3600 cm-1 includes bands for additional, functional groups in a molecule. In addition to our standard models, we can design custom range spectrometers for OEMs. See below for common Raman spectral bands.

Alternate System Configurations

Need something slightly different? We offer a more lightweight line of spectrometers with TEC-cooled CCD array detectors for reduced cost, and can offer expert advice on which may be the right match for your application. Consider the option below, or explore our full family of Raman products.


  • 270 – 2950 cm-1 measurement range, < 10 cm-1 resolution; optional integrated, software-controlled 450 mW laser
  • High NA, f/1.3 optical design for best-in-class sensitivity or f/1.8 design for higher FWHM spectral resolution
  • Optical coupling via fiber (with or without integrated laser), or fully integrated Raman probe
  • Choice of regulated (10°C) or TEC-cooled detector (-15°C)
  • Available as a laboratory unit or streamlined OEM module

WP 830X spectrometer series

OEM Options

Contact us to discuss a bespoke OEM design based on the WP 830 XL Raman spectrometer.

Other Wavelength Options

532 nm Raman
633 nm Raman
785 nm Raman
830 nm Raman
1064 nm Raman

Choosing the right Raman wavelength for your application is a question of balancing sensitivity and selectivity. Although shorter wavelengths deliver the strongest Raman signal, fluorescence background can degrade signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) if the wrong wavelength is used. That’s why we offer Raman spectrometers for wavelengths from 248-1064 nm, matching your specific needs and sample type to the best wavelength for the application. Explore our alternate wavelengths below. Still unsure of what you need? Contact us for a personal consultation or sample testing.

Technical Notes

  • Reproducible Raman Measurements
    Raman OEM applications need consistent spectra to deliver dependable answers. Learn how to achieve >99.5% unit-to-unit agreement using a series of simple corrections.
  • Raman: Wavelength Matters
    Learn how to choose the right excitation wavelength to achieve maximum signal and minimum noise, from 405-1064 nm, for a wide range of sample types.