Software Drivers

For developers looking to integrate our spectrometers into your own applications, or for advanced users who wish to control our spectrometers from interactive graphical environments like LabVIEW or MATLAB, we strive to make our systems intuitive and easy to use from all the world’s most popular software frameworks.

Wasatch.NET Application Driver

Nearly every Windows programming language and framework provides some way to hook into Microsoft’s immensely popular .NET foundation. Our WasatchNET.DLL makes it simple to instantiate Spectrometer objects and access their methods and properties as easily as your own native classes. Explore our various demos and sample code to see how easy integration can be, or directly browse the open-source source code to quickly grok the data structures and signatures underlying each function.

Visual C# Sample

Python Application Driver (Windows, Linux, MacOS)

Embarcadero Delphi Sample Code (Windows)

LabVIEW 2017 sample .vi

MATLAB 2017b sample .m

Microsoft Excel VBA sample .xlsm