Getting a good fingerprint via Raman spectra

We are delighted to share that the January 2023 issue of Laser Focus World magazine will feature an article written by our own Cicely Rathmell, VP of Marketing, and Senior Staff Scientist, Dr. Dieter Bingemann. Getting a good fingerprint via Raman spectra details how variability in Raman spectra can be significantly reduced through good optical design and a few simple calibration measurements and corrections.

Modern Raman applications require a high degree of unit-to-unit agreement between individual spectrometers to deliver consistent, dependable answers in the field. Learn how carefully applied adjustments to wavelength, wavenumber, and intensity can correct variations both between spectrometers and because of daily environmental changes.

Read the full article, as published in Laser Focus World: Getting a good fingerprint via Raman Spectra

Curious to learn more?

We used our tech note, Reproducible Raman Measurements, as the basis for the Laser Focus World article, which provides additional details and background for those in the field. In this tech note, we demonstrate our recommendations for achieving reproducible Raman spectra through calibration measurement and corrections on a set of seven different, but identically designed and configured, 830 nm WP Raman systems with integrated laser and probe optics (WP 830-L) using a sample solution of glucose in water inside a polystyrene cuvette, inserted into a sample holder, which in turn is directly attached to the front lens of the spectrometer.

Read the full tech note, Reproducible Raman Measurements, or learn more about the WP 830 Raman Spectrometer used in this demonstration. Have other questions about the correction process, or OEM Raman system development in general? Contact us