Raman Spectroscopy can make diagnostic dreams a reality

Recent technological developments and falling prices of Raman spectrometers have enabled it to become a viable technique for an increasing number of fields and applications, including use in the biomedical and biochemical fields.

In this Electro Optics article, Raman to Make Diagnostic Dreams a Reality, author David Stewart discusses with Professor Dr. Juergen Popp from the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology how he and his colleagues are using Raman spectroscopy for point-of-care medical diagnostics.

Dr. Popp details how Raman is being used in point-of-care cancer diagnostics, where Raman is used to assess the type, stage, and grade of cancer. It’s also being used for rapid identification of pathogens, including determining whether an infection is viral, fungal, or bacterial just by looking at the Raman chemical fingerprint of white blood cells. The technique is even being used for early detection of neurodegenerative disease by examining the eye.

Our own Senior Application Scientist, Dr. Dieter Bingemann, and our Vice President of Spectroscopy, Michael Matthews, also weigh in with their expertise on the science of Raman, the market, and the advantages of Raman vs. other spectrometers or other diagnostic methods.

As the size and cost of Raman decreases, the uses for it are seemingly limitless. Portable, point-of-care Raman spectrometers is helping to fuel the expansion today, but innovators in all fields are looking at new applications for its use. The potential is so great, that any single application could be bigger in market potential in the future, than the total Raman market it today

Read the full article Raman to Make Diagnostic Dreams a Reality in Electro Optics, July 2022

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