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Cobra 800 OCT Spectrometers

Catch a glimpse of life in high resolution


  • Retinal imaging
  • Cellular imaging
  • High-resolution material inspection

Cobra Setup Guides

Researchers and OEMs alike count on Wasatch Photonics’ high throughput Cobra NIR spectrometers to deliver high speed and excellent image quality. From ultra-high resolution to deep imaging to custom imaging cameras, we have the solution you need in a remarkably small footprint.

As a spectroscopy company, we understand the nuances of optical design needed to optimize sensitivity and SNR in a small footprint without compromising manufacturability. The result? A high performance yet cost-effective OCT spectrometer with high resolution and multiple options for imaging depth. Whether scientist or engineer, we’ll help you tackle the most challenging images in angiography and retinal, dermal, and cellular applications with greater clarity.

Cobra 800 near infrared spectrometers can be used for OCT imaging in the 650-950 nm range in research, industrial and OEM solutions. Let our expert team put together a configuration that is right for your application. Contact info@wasatchphotonics.com and let us help you to improve your image.

Download the Cobra 800 Datasheet

Configuration Options

2048 px4096 px
810-870 nm60 nm6.0 mm
800-880 nm80 nm4.5 mm
780-900 nm120 nm3.0 mm6.0 mm
780-920 nm140 nm2.5 mm
750-930 nm180 nm2.0 mm
650-950 nm300 nm1.0 mm2.0 mm
CAMERADalsa Piranha (DP)

Available on a custom basis

Cobra 800 part numbers are of the format C800-[CWL]/[BW]-[kHz]-[camera][pixels], where the camera is represented by a 2-letter code, and 2K and 4K denote 2048 pixels and 4096 pixels, respectively. Imaging depth stated is the theoretical value, calculated in air.

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Key Features

  • Imaging options from 650-950 nm
  • Premier optical design with superior SNR & subpixel resolution for greater image clarity

  • >15 unique models for the exact range, resolution, speed, & depth you need

  • Near diffraction-limited optics minimize roll-off

  • Proprietary VPH gratings for low polarization dependence & highest efficiency

  • High resolution 4096 pixel models for deeper imaging and curved samples

  • OEM ready: robust, compact & athermal


Contact us at +1 919-544-7785 or info@wasatchphotonics.com to discuss your specific application or other wavelength & camera options.

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