Raman System Design

Configuring the right Raman system for your application & needs By: Cicely Rathmell, MSc The choice between a flexible, probe-based Raman system and a fully integrated, compact one depends largely upon which optical coupling method is best for your application or sample. Sensitivity, size, and laser control may also be […]

Choosing a Portable Raman Spectrometer

Why Wasatch for Raman? Learn the most important qualities in a portable Raman spectrometer, how they impact your research or product development, and how we deliver the sensitivity, reliability, configurability, ease of use, and data access you need.

Auswahl Eines Tragbaren Raman-Spektrometers

Warum Wasatch für Raman? Lernen Sie die wichtigsten Qualitäten eines tragbaren Raman-Spektrometers kennen, wie sie sich auf Ihre Forschung oder Produktentwicklung auswirken und wie wir die Empfindlichkeit, Zuverlässigkeit, Konfigurierbarkeit, Benutzerfreundlichkeit und den Datenzugriff liefern, die Sie benötigen.

What is Hyperspectral Imaging?

Hyperspectral imaging is an advanced imaging technique that incorporates spectroscopy to gather additional information about an object or geographical area. It involves capturing many images of the same spatial area over a series of contiguous spectral bands across the UV, visible, and/or NIR, yielding an additional dimension of information for […]

What is Optical Coherence Tomography?

Optical coherence tomography is a form of non-invasive imaging that uses light waves to take cross-section images of biological material. It is most commonly used in eye care, with ophthalmologists using OCT to identify the distinctive layers present in a retina. This means that the ophthalmologist can measure and map the […]

How Does a Raman Spectrometer Work?

Raman spectroscopy uses intense light from a laser to probe the chemical bonds in a substance, generating a spectrum that acts as a fingerprint which can be used to characterize or identify the substance. This can be used to authenticate materials or assess their quality, and even for medical diagnostics. […]

5 Applications of Transmission Gratings

Many optical systems depend upon diffraction gratings to resolve light into desirable spectra by dispersing light into its component wavelengths. Conventional reflection gratings disperse polychromatic light into its constituent colours using a series of parallel rulings, engineered to have the desired dispersion efficiency profile by controlling the distance between these […]