VPH Grating Technologies at Wasatch

More design technologies = a perfect fit

Volume phase holographic (VPH) gratings offer up to 40% greater efficiency than surface relief gratings, and enable more compact, transmissive designs. Our proprietary process encapsulates the grating structure between two AR coated surfaces for easy cleaning & handling. We utilize three distinct design technologies to optimize our gratings to your needs, backed by over 20 years of manufacturing experience. Learn more about VPH gratings.


  • Exclusive, patented design – only from Wasatch Photonics
  • High transmission over bandwidths up to 200 nm
  • Low polarization sensitivity, smoothly varying efficiency
  • Enables faster, smaller, sensitive OCT spectrometers
  • Increased throughput for spectroscopy & astronomy
  • Customizable for AOI’s >36° and wavelengths 300-2500 nm
Learn more about our HD grating technology

Example Dickson grating, Wasatch Photonics


  • We are the original patent holders & experts on this design!
  • Extremely high transmission over bandwidths of 20-60 nm
  • High efficiency for s- & p-polarization, varying smoothly
  • Ideal for astronomy: supports angle tuning & large sizes
  • Do high-res spectroscopy with low polarization sensitivity
  • Customizable for AOI’s >36° and wavelengths 300-2500 nm
Learn more about our Dickson grating technology

Example s-pol optimized grating, Wasatch Photonics


  • Capable of very high transmission at a single polarization
  • Alternate design: broad bandwidth, polarization insensitive
  • Can be manufactured in dimensions up to 300 mm or larger
  • Good for astronomy, hyperspectral imaging & laser filtering
  • Low beam distortion & scatter for laser pulse compression
  • Customizable for many AOI’s and wavelengths 300-2500 nm
Learn more about our standard grating technology


At Wasatch Photonics, we apply our deep understanding of optical design to support our R&D and OEM customers in creating smaller, more sensitive, cost-effective instruments for a diverse range of applications. With over 15 years of manufacturing experience and extensive in-house processing & metrology capabilities, we have the resources to provide you with high quality, premier performance gratings customized and AR-coated to your specific needs. Contact us today to get started!

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