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Fluorescent proteins
Image credit: Erin Rod (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0), via Wikimedia Commons

Fluorescence has long been used to study bioluminescent organisms, the folding of proteins, and in the identification of minerals. With the explosion of fluorescent dyes & tags in the last 50 years and development of techniques like FRET, fluorescence has become a technique unto its own for the study of biological structure, morphology, and interactions. It has revolutionized cytometry, histology, and immunology – making the ability to see specific fluorescent tags a critical technique for research and diagnosis. Fluorescence has even found a place in authentication and quality control.

The challenge in this field is one of sensitivity – microscopes and PMT-based systems have dominated detection, limiting the use of many fluorescent techniques to the lab. Our new generation of fluorescence spectrometers & systems change all that by approaching the sensitivity and spectral resolution of much larger benchtop instruments in a compact, portable footprint.

The Wasatch performance advantage translates into several key benefits:

  • Sensitivity is ~10x greater than typical diode-array spectrometers, allowing much lower levels of light to be measured
  • Instrument response is more uniform & stable over changes in ambient temperature, resulting in more consistent spectra
  • Less stray light for better quantitative models at much lower concentrations -> read about our pM limit of detection (LOD)

Broadband detection, high sensitivity

Spectrometer Wavelength Coupling options
WP VIS 400 – 800 nm SMA fiber & free space models
WP VIS-NIR 400 – 1080 nm SMA fiber & free space models

Create an integrated system with our quick-fit cuvette holder

Quick-fit cuvette holderEliminate fiber coupling losses and maximize fluorescence collection using a cuvette holder that mates directly to the spectrometer. Designed to fill the full low f-number apertures of our WP VIS and WP VIS-NIR spectrometers, this cuvette holder offers the convenience of fiber coupling your illumination source at 90° or 180° to the spectrometer port. Filter holders allow use of stock filters to select your excitation band and exclude scattered light from the detection path, while an anodized cap blocks ambient light. The cuvette holder also comes with an optional SMA fiber port adaptor to allow for use with an existing fiber-coupled spectrometer or setup.

Applications expertise

Our team has worked with leading research groups and companies in biotech, medicine, agriculture, and authentication, and can offer you the expertise needed to make your R&D or product development successful. Explore our line of sensitive spectrometers and systems above, or contact us today to discuss your unique application.

Read our tech note Fluorescence Limit of Detection to see how our WP VIS spectrometer was able to measure picomolar concentrations of fluorescein – within a factor of 4 of a benchtop fluorimeter at a fraction of the footprint and cost!

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