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High Performance Raman

At Wasatch Photonics we design the kind of Raman spectroscopy products we want to use. As spectroscopists ourselves, we understand the difference that high sensitivity, low noise, and the ability to capture spectra quickly can make to a research project or OEM product design. Our f/1.3 spectrometers are designed for low light applications using our own patented VPH gratings, allowing us to bridge the performance gap between high-end analytical spectrometers, and cost effective, portable devices. See the competitive data.

Raman System

We believe you should have full control and maximum flexibility when designing a spectroscopy system. That’s why we offer so many build-to-print options for range, resolution, detector cooling, and sample coupling – backing each with our advice and experience. We’ve worked with Raman applications ranging from R&D to material identification and analysis for process control,  biomedical, chemicals, agriculture, and homeland security.

Spectrometer System Sample Type What you need to know
WP 405 Inorganic Strong signal, high resolution
WP 532 Inorganic Strong signal, high resolution
WP 532ER Inorganic Strong signal, broad spectral range
WP 633 WP 633L Organic Best general choice for SERS
WP 785 WP 785L Organic Balances signal with fluorescence background
WP 830 WP 830L Organic Most popular OEM excitation wavelength
WP 1064 WP 1064L Organic Surprisingly short acquisition

Learn how we can help you create a full, high-performance system in our Raman spectroscopy brochure or see the models available in our Raman product configuration guide.

Contact us today to discuss how our Raman spectrometers & systems can meet your needs. We also produce a smaller OEM Raman spectrometer optical bench for integration into custom systems. Visit our OEM Solutions page for more information.

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