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X series Raman Spectrometers

Create your ideal Raman spectroscopy system

The X series is an extremely sensitive, highly configurable line of compact Raman spectrometers & systems designed to help researchers and OEMS bring new applications of Raman to life. This comprehensive product family includes modular spectrometers, integrated lasers, complete Raman spectroscopy systems, and OEM modules – with plenty of configuration options to optimize to your unique needs. Explore on your own, or contact our experts to discuss the best wavelength, optical coupling & detector for your application. We’ll help you find the perfect balance of signal & resolution to take your Raman measurements to the next level.

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532 nm Raman
638 nm Raman
785 nm Raman
830 nm Raman
1064 nm Raman

Superior performance in a compact footprint

We designed the X series to be the most powerful, comprehensive compact Raman product line ever by starting with our signature high efficiency gratings and high throughput optical bench, and using the feedback of the best Raman researchers and product developers in the world – our customers. If you’re looking for a good ‘next step’ in application development after working with a Raman microscope or expensive, bulky benchtop Raman spectroscopy system (or if you can’t get the sensitivity you need from a general purpose spectrometer), the X series is for you. We deliver exceptional signal & reproducibility to give you the best results possible. Explore our benefits:

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Configurable design, comprehensive options

The X series uses a highly configurable optomechanical design that is scalable from 1 to >1000, making it quick & easy to customize to a wide range of applications and use case requirements. By tailoring each spectrometer or Raman system to your unique needs, you get maximum performance at far less weight and cost than with traditional benchtop Raman. These units cover the fingerprint and functional region with <10 cm-1 resolution, making them suitable for most identification, diagnostic, and process applications. Each unit comes with onboard calibration data for spectral response and wavelength, which ensures high spectral accuracy and unit-to-unit reproducibility. We offer several measurement setups, and advice on Raman spectroscopy system design:


Modular 532 nm Raman spectroscopy system using the WP-532X-IC spectrometer, a laser, and external probe.Modular, mix & match components
Spectrometer with external laser
Flexible fibers & Raman probe


Semi-integrated 638 nm Raman spectroscopy system using the WP 638X-ILC spectrometer with integrated laser, and an external probe.

Flexible with less cables, weight & cost
Spectrometer with integrated laser
Flexible fibers & Raman probe


Fully integrated 785 nm Raman spectroscopy system using a WP 785-ILP spectrometer with integrated laser and probe/sampling optics.Maximum signal, smallest size
Spectrometer with integrated laser, filters, and sample coupling optics

Full spectrometer customization

Our robust, modular optomechanical design adapts to your unique application needs with options to balance signal and noise with resolution, power consumption, and degree of system integration. Design your own, or let our expertise & testing guide you to the best configuration for your needs. Configuration options include:

  • Excitation wavelength: 532 nm, 638 nm, 785 nm, 830 nm, or 1064 nm (learn how to choose)
  • System configuration: spectrometer only (IC), with integrated laser (ILC), or with integrated laser and sampling optics/probe (ILP)
  • Sample coupling: external fiber optic Raman probe vs integrated probe (learn more)
  • Input aperture: f/1.3 input to collect more signal, or f/1.8 input to achieve better resolution
  • Detector cooling level: temperature-regulated detector (10°C) or TEC-cooled detector (-15°C) (learn more)
  • Slit size: 25 µm is standard, 15 µm & 50 µm custom
  • Usage: laboratory unit vs the equivalent OEM module for integration into another instrument (learn more)

Accelerate development of your commercial Raman spectroscopy system using these benchtop and OEM module options.


OEM-ready to accelerate your product development

We created the X series for emerging OEMs – researchers and instrument manufacturers who are developing innovative new applications of Raman that require a compact module and/or portable Raman spectroscopy system. That’s why we use the same sensitive, robust & highly reproducible optomechanical design for both the laboratory & OEM versions of our X series spectrometers and systems. This allows you to complete proof of concept and method development with a laboratory X series system, then transition directly to the equivalent OEM module for volume production –  with no change in performance or need to update your matching libraries or chemometric models. You get the stability and reproducibility of an OEM instrument and research-grade results from day one, and reliable data you can use to build models for use in the field.

This unique ‘OEM Inside’ approach allows you to streamline both the instrument design and the product development process, with less risk. You focus on developing your turnkey solution, while we focus on providing superior Raman hardware. More ‘OEM Inside’ benefits:

  1. Ideal for point-of-use instruments in the field, the clinic, and industry
  2. Configurable, scalable modules and Raman spectroscopy systems, at volumes of 1 to >1000
  3. Transition easily and confidently from research to product development
  4. Programmer-friendly, open-source software & SDKs in multiple languages, GitHub access
  5. OEM partnership & consultation, from product design to volume production
  6. Faster time to market with less surprises

Explore the full X series specifications & options

X series Raman spectrometer specifications for creating a Raman spectroscopy system Download the full X series datasheet

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