We’re Hiring! Engineers & Financial Controller Needed

> Manufacturing Engineer – Durham, NC

> Financial Controller (FC) – Durham, NC / Logan, UT

> Process Engineer – Logan, UT

> OCT Application Engineer – Durham, NC

About Wasatch

At Wasatch Photonics we design the kind of spectroscopy products we want to use.  As spectroscopists ourselves, we understand the difference that high sensitivity, low noise, and the ability to capture spectra quickly can make to a research project or OEM product design. With a superior optical bench, more configuration options, and greater spectroscopy expertise than you’ll find anywhere else, we help our customers see more, faster than ever before.

Wasatch has developed a patented, multiplexed volume phase holographic grating technology that offers high dispersion and diffraction efficiencies across a broad wavelength range.  This technology couples with an industry leading f/1.3 optical bench design to create one of the most sensitive spectrometers on the market, all at an attractive price point and in a small form factor that maintains superb straylight and resolution performance.  These advances are opening up new application spaces for spectroscopy and providing substantial growth opportunities for Wasatch as a business.

We are looking to expand our engineering and sales teams to support our continuing market expansion.  If you enjoy working in a dynamic, growth driven environment with the latest technology – then we look forward to hearing from you and discussing what we might achieve together!