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WP 785 Raman System

  • Turnkey Raman system, 270 – 2000 cm-1 range
  • High NA, f/1.3 optical design for superior sensitivity and SNR
  • Integrated 785 nm, 450 mW multimode laser
  • Integrated sampling optics with 22 mm working distance
  • Free operating software, SDKs & matching libraries
Download WP-785-SR-ILP specifications

Complete Your Raman System

This all-in-one Raman system brings the laser, sampling optics, and spectrometer together into one compact unit, improving throughput and durability. Laser controls are integrated with spectrometer communications for ease of use and automated operation, with a single cord for power.

This fully integrated Raman setup is nearly complete:
• No separate laser or probe is needed – they’re included!
• Switch between liquid and powder samples with a multipurpose sampling chamber
• Install our free ENLIGHTEN™ software or use our SDKs to write your own code
• Receive a complimentary 1-year KnowItAll licence to perform Raman libary matching

Are you developing a product? We offer an equally sensitive but streamlined OEM design with excellent stability and reproducibility.

Optical Specifications

Ambient (-A)TEC-Regulated (-R)TEC-Cooled (-C)
Spectral Range*270-2000 cm-1270-2000 cm-1270-2000 cm-1
Resolution15 µm slit6 cm-16 cm-14 cm-1
25 µm slit7 cm-17 cm-16 cm-1
50 µm slit11 cm-111 cm-110 cm-1
Detector TEC setpointNone10 ± 0.2°C-15 ± 0.2°C
Integration time3 ms – 60 s3 ms – 60 s25 ms – 60 s
Laser Type785 nm, multimode
Laser PowerUp to 450 mW, control via ENLIGHTENTM software
Working distance (from face of lens)22 mm
Laser spot size (nominal)120 µm

*Start and end wavenumber may be customized, but total range is fixed. Contact us for options.

Note: Specifications are subject to change based on available components & manufacturing data.

Detector Cooling Options

We offer three detector cooling options for the WP 785  Raman system, allowing you to balance your desired signal to noise and temperature stability against power draw and cost for maximum value:

  • Ambient (-A): No detector cooling; follows temperature of environment
  • TEC-regulated (-R): Detector is cooled externally to 10°C
  • TEC-cooled (-C): Detector has integrated cooling to -15°C

Need advice? Contact us to discuss what’s best for your specific application.

Software & Hardware

Operating SoftwareENLIGHTENTM Raman spectroscopy software & SDKs included
Library MatchingIdentify Raman spectra via Wiley's KnowItAll Raman Identification Pro
(free 1-year trial, fully integrated into ENLIGHTENTM)
Data InterfaceUSB 2.0 Type B receptacle
Max Sampling Rate> 250 Hz
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C, non-condensing
Dimensions22.2 x 16.2 x 6.7 cm
Weight2.2 kg

Engineering Documents

  • ENG-0001 > Spectrometer USB Interface Specification
  • ENG-0034 > Feature Identification Device (FID) EEPROM Specification
  • ENG-0126 > Raman Laser Safety Interlock Behavior
  • ENG-0157 > Empirical Power Draw and Power Supply Guidance for OEMs

Competitive Advantage

We’ve made it our mission to design compact, portable Raman without compromise – instruments that deliver superior sensitivity at a cost-effective price point. We place one of our own perfectly matched, patented volume phase holographic (VPH) gratings at the heart of every spectrometer. With uniform response and low loss, these gratings enable a compact and highly efficient all-transmission optical design that minimizes loss and maximizes stability for consistent, high-SNR spectra.


Significantly higher signal than other, ‘low cost’ compact spectrometers

Learn more

RAPIDCoconut oil spectrum, 1064 nm Raman (Wasatch Photonics vs reflective f/4 spectrometer)

Take measurements in a fraction of the time, with better signal to noise

Learn more

REPRODUCIBLEStandard vs OEM product system response - 785 nm Raman

Collect consistent spectra day-to-day and unit-to-unit using simple calibrations

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Minimal thermal drift, easily corrected; robust to shock & vibration

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Common Raman Spectral Bands

The pattern of peaks in a Raman spectrum is unique to the sample, providing a fingerprint which can be used to identify or analyze the material. The ‘fingerprint’ region up to 1500 cm-1 is often enough to confirm identity, while the extended ‘functional’ region out to 3600 cm-1 includes bands for additional, functional groups in a molecule. In addition to our standard models, we can design custom range spectrometers for OEMs. See below for common Raman spectral bands.WP-Raman-Bands-Graphic

Example Spectra

Coming soon

Alternate System Configurations

Need something slightly different? We offer a variety of alternate spectrometer models and system setups, and can offer expert advice on which may be the right match for your application. Consider the options below, or explore our full family of Raman products.


  • Extended range: 100-3600 cm-1
  • More pixels to maintain high resolution

WP 785 ER spectrometer


  • Integrated spectrometer + laser, separate probe
  • Compact yet allows flexible sampling options

WP 785 spectrometer + laser


  • Separate spectrometer, laser, and probe
  • Greatest flexibility & sampling options

WP 785 spectrometer / WP 785 ER spectrometer

OEM Options

These drop-in modules form the heart of our standard products – in fact, our optical bench is our OEM bench – allowing you to perform R&D with our standard products and then migrate to the OEM equivalent for prototyping and production with no loss of performance. Learn more about our our ‘OEM by design’ philosophy.


  • Off-the-shelf spectrometer module
  • Add your own laser and sampling optics
  • Contact us for customization

WP 785 OEM spectrometer


  • Integrated spectrometer, laser & probe
  • 100 mW singlemode laser
  • Most compact OEM footprint

Contact us about this model


  • Integrated spectrometer, laser & probe
  • 450 mW multi-mode laser
  • Field-replaceable laser design

Contact us about this model

Other Wavelength Options

248 nm Raman
405 nm Raman
532 nm Raman
633 nm Raman
785 nm Raman
830 nm Raman
1064 nm Raman

Choosing the right Raman wavelength for your application is a question of balancing sensitivity and selectivity. Although shorter wavelengths deliver the strongest Raman signal, fluorescence background can degrade signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) if the wrong wavelength is used. That’s why we offer wavelengths from 248-1064 nm, matching your specific needs and sample type to the best wavelength for the application. Explore our alternate wavelengths below. Still unsure of what you need? Contact us for a personal consultation or sample testing.

Technical Notes

  • Reproducible Raman Measurements
    Raman OEM applications need consistent spectra to deliver dependable answers. Learn how to achieve >99.5% unit-to-unit agreement using a series of simple corrections.
  • Raman: Wavelength Matters
    Learn how to choose the right excitation wavelength to achieve maximum signal and minimum noise, from 405-1064 nm, for a wide range of sample types.
  • The Wasatch Advantage
    We’ve designed a spectrometer that maximizes efficiency at every step, to allow you to collect more light, keep more light, and detect more light. We'll show you how through its design.


  • Designing Raman Solutions
    Our toolbox for Raman spectroscopy gives you the flexibility to optimize your application without compromising on performance or size. Explore the many options!
  • Extending Raman’s Reach
    Learn how a reduction in spectrometer size need not mean a compromise in performance as compared to traditional benchtop Raman systems, thus expanding the possible applications served by Raman.
  • Tech Note: Raman Sample Coupling
    Raman spectroscopy involves delivery of a high intensity of laser light to a very small focus, while simultaneously requiring sensitive detection of less than one-millionth the number of scattered photons. How that light is delivered to and collected from the sample has a significant impact in the quality of data […]