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WP MicroAngio System

Mouse ear, Cobra 800 OCT image

Vasculature in Mouse Ear

MicroAngio imaging of human skin using 1300 nm light enables blood vessels down to the epidermis to be seen. Epidermis, 1300 nm image

Dense vasculature in human skin imaged using MicroAngio with 800 nm light. Human skin, 800 nm image

uAngioSystemWP MicroAngio system

Wasatch Photonics’ MicroAngio technology, specifically designed for research and OEM applications, provides a unique way to image micro vascular structures in living tissue. The technique based on optical coherence tomography (OCT), requires no external contrast agents, and develops a three-dimensional map of the blood vessels. MicroAngio relies on the intrinsic contrast of red blood cell motion in the vessels. This eliminates the requirement of injecting contrast agents and overcomes the problem of background signal from leaky blood vessels.

WP MicroAngio, unlike other OCT angiography systems, is custom designed for the specific application. Signal acquisition and processing for such techniques depend on whether the data is acquired in awake or sedated conditions, as well as the tissue site being imaged. MicroAngio system comes with appropriate imaging probes and signal analysis algorithms to provide high quality maps in different imaging scenarios.

WP MicroAngio System

WP MicroAngio is equipped with specialized optical coherence tomography (OCT) engine. The main engine is based on WP OCT, well-known for its high-quality and high-resolution OCT images. MicroAngio includes specialized beam scanning mechanisms for image capture to provide highest fidelity angiographic maps. Probe designs are customized for the application such as retina, brain and skin. The system also includes necessary mounting accessories to stabilize the sample, which is critical to obtain angiography data without motion artifacts. The most critical part of the MicroAngio system is specialized software to acquire and process data providing one-click options for easy data acquisition. In addition, the software includes options for processing, sampling methods and motion correction to allow users to choose optimal setup for their imaging needs.

System Specifications & Options
Imaging ResolutionAxial: 2-7 µm | Transverse: 5-9 µm
Field of ViewAxial: 1.8-5 mm | Transverse: 6×6 mm
Central Wavelengths840, 1050, 1300 nm
Imaging ProbesRetinal and Tissue Imaging
Imaging Speed400 x 400 x 1024 pixel volume in 10 s
Image Guidance10 megapixel color camera

WP MicroAngio can be equipped with high resolution 800 nm, 1050 nm or 1300 nm OCT depending on the application. Retinal applications are best served by 800 nm or 1050 nm systems, while applications such as skin and small animal brain imaging are well suited for 1300 nm systems. Wasatch’s experts in this technology will help you choose appropriate accessories required for sample stabilization and imaging. Each system includes the angiography imaging software and provides the user with several controls to obtain best possible images.

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