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OCT System Solutions to Accelerate Your Research

A Wasatch Photonics OCT system gives you rapid access to powerful, non-contact 3D imaging technology for your research. Designed around our industry-leading gratings and best-in-class OCT spectrometers, these OCT systems provide high-resolution imaging of subsurface structure at depths up to 5 mm. We’ve put hundreds of hours of design, testing & imaging into our systems so that you can put more time towards your research.

Optical coherence tomography provides non-contact imaging of surface morphology and subsurface structure at micron-level resolution for accurate, quantitative analysis of structure in tissues or materials. Our systems use SD-OCT because it provides high resolution, ultra-clear images at lower cost than SS-OCT. In addition, our unique OCT system design offers the convenience of a turnkey instrument with the flexibility to configure two key components – the scanning arm probe and software control.

Our team is available to guide you in the selection of the right OCT system for your research. Explore our image gallery to see the possibilities, or send us your samples for a personalized evaluation. Contact us today.

Note: WP OCT systems are not indicated for medical or diagnostic use.

 WP OCT 800 nm
WP OCT 800 nm
WP OCT 1300 nm
Imaging Depth3.0 mm1.8 mm5.0 mm
Axial Resolution6.0 μm3.0 μm7.0 μm
Wavelength Range780-900 nm750-930 nm1235-1385 nm
FWHM Bandwidth>120 nm>150 nm>90 nm
Axial Scan RateUp to 250 kHz available
Image Capture Rate>20 Hz, >50 Hz, >200 Hz options available
Image Size1024 x 1024 x 1024 points, .tif output
Transverse Resolution6.0 μm6.0 μm10.0 μm
Transverse Imaging Area>5 x 5 mm>5 x 5 mm>5 x 5 mm
Working Distance25 mm25 mm25 mm
Color Camera Image10 Mega Pixel RGB (640 x 480 real time mode)
System/Computer InterfaceCamera Link and SMB connections
System/Scanner InterfaceFC/APC fiber, 10-pin electrical connector, USB Cable
Computer Provided64-bit Windows 7 or higher. 16 GB RAM, Intel Processor, AMD graphics graphics card
Display Provided22 inch HD 1080p monitor
Software IncludedWP OCT image acquisition interface; SDKs available upon request


An 800 nm OCT system is ideal for applications requiring high-resolution imaging such as retinal imaging, cellular imaging, and material inspection. These systems can resolve structures as small as 2 µm.  A 1300 nm OCT system allows deeper penetration in the tissue or material under study, influenced by index of refraction and scattering. With imaging depths of up to 5 mm (in air), these systems are widely used in applications like dermatology, anterior segment imaging, and silicon inspection.


We have the most compact OCT probes on the market, designed for ease of use in laboratory settings. Our innovative optical design & robust scan electronics deliver aberration-free imaging for best resolution and SNR, and features an integrated color camera for registration. These probes can be mounted for stability, or used handheld to bring the probe to the sample.

WP OCT Probes


We’ve developed powerful software and SDKs to help you acquire, process, and visualize data from our systems quickly and easily. Whether you need to collect images with our OCT system or rapidly develop your own customized OCT software, we have the tools to help you collect images faster.

WP OCT application software & SDKs



In addition to OCT systems designed specifically for research, we also provide design and customization for OEMs, from gratings and spectrometers to drop-in subsystems. Contact us to discuss your specific application or OEM needs.

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