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Cobra 1300 OCT Spectrometer

Uncover new depths with greater clarity

Cobra1300Cor_hot-36in-150ppi lens

Wasatch Photonics’ high  throughput design extends depth of view further at 1300 nm by providing high sensitivity  and excellent SNR for scattered light from deep tissues. This translates into superior clarity at greater imaging depths for applications like anterior segment imaging.

Our industry leading Cobra SWIR spectrometer reduces the tradeoff between imaging depth and clarity using a proprietary high throughput design, thus maximizing the quality of data from features at greater depths and larger scattering angles. The deep tissue penetration achieved is optimal for fundamental research, pharmaceutical testing, and treatment and diagnosis in ophthalmology, dermatology, and angiography, as well as for intravascular imaging.

Cobra 1300 short wave infrared spectrometers can be used for OCT imaging in the 950-1450 nm range in research, industrial and OEM solutions. Let our expert team put together a configuration that is right for your application. Contact oct@wasatchphotonics.com and let us help you to improve your image.

Dermatology  |  Anterior segment imaging  |  Sub-surface material inspection

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Download the Cobra 1300 datasheet

Key Features

  • Imaging options from 950-1450 nm

  • High sensitivity spectrometer design based on transmissive VPH grating

  • Unique optical design resulting in superior SNR and deeper image clarity

  • Ability to collect large angle scatters and depths of view up to 12 mm
  • Multiple camera options to optimize the configuration to each application

  • Robust, compact design

  • Excellent rolloff performance

  • Minimal polarization  dependence

Cobra 1300 Specifications*

C-950-1450 C-1235-1385 C-1262-1335
Imaging Depth 1.75 mm 5.8 mm 12 mm
Wavelength Range 950-1450 nm 1235-1385 nm 1262-1335 nm
Spectral Resolution 0.24 nm 0.07 nm 0.03 nm
Pixels 2048 2048 2048
Interface Camera Link Camera Link Camera Link
Max Line Rate 76/147 kHz 76/147 kHz 76/147 kHz
Dimensions 9.5 x 20 x 10 cm 9.5 x 20 x 10 cm 14 x 30 x 8 cm
Weight 1.4 kg 1.4 kg 5 kg
Image resolution >>>   Increasing imaging depth  >>>

*Contact us at +1 919-544-7785 or oct@wasatchphotonics.com to discuss your specific application or other wavelength options. Custom cameras options include Basler Sprint, Dalsa Piranha, e2v Aviiva, and more.

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