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Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)


Wasatch Photonics is a proven leader in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). We design and manufacture state of the art OCT Spectrometers and turn-key OCT Systems. Our devices produce the highest quality images  for any application. We accomplish this using superior engineering, our patented HD Gratings, and proprietary optical design. Our systems are unmatched in sensitivity and stability. Our software is powerful and easy to use. We offer research, industrial and OEM solutions for use in a variety of applications including ophthalmology, material inspection, and biological imaging.

Our spectrometers cover a wide range of bandwidths and can be configured for your application.

• Cobra Near Infrared, covering 400-1000 nm using a silicon based detector.
• Cobra Shortwave Infrared, covering 900-1900 using an InGaAs based detector.

These spectrometers can achieve imaging depths of over 12 mm or imaging resolution below 2 um with spectral width greater than 500 nm and spectral resolution below 0.02 nm.



Whether you have a new application or an existing system, contact Wasatch Photonics (oct@wasatchphotonics.com) and let us help you to “improve your image.”

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