New Distributor in DACH, SphereOptics GmbH

SphereOptics-logoWe are delighted to enhance support to our research and OEM customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with a new distribution partner, SphereOptics GmbH, and a dedicated local representative for Wasatch Photonics products, Daniel Bieg.

Daniel Bieg is focused on supporting our gratings, spectroscopy, and OCT customers within DACH, operating from a home office in Waiblingen, north of Stuttgart, and from the SphereOptics office in Herrsching, Munich. This addition represents an expansion of our distribution activities in Europe, and an enhanced partnership between Wasatch Photonics and SphereOptics’ parent company, Pro-Lite Technology. The Pro-Lite Technology group currently represents Wasatch Photonics in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, providing our full range of products to the European market.

About SphereOptics GmbH

Founded in 2003, SphereOptics is a highly technically focused company serving the photonics industry through the distribution of portable spectrometers, field spectroradiometers, industrial infrared cameras, hyperspectral cameras for remote sensing applications, and handheld FTIR sensors. They also distribute test & measurement instruments for spectroradiometry, provide test & measurement services, and manufacture optical reference standards. SphereOptics stands by its mission statement of SERVE BETTER by being much more than just a supplier of advanced equipment, with technical experts standing by to support standard and customer specific solutions. In 2020 the calibration laboratory receives DAkkS accreditation according to ISO 17025 for spectral reflectance measurements.

About Daniel Bieg

Daniel-Bieg-headshotDaniel has been working in spectroscopy and photonics sales for more than 15 years, during which time he has supported many companies in integrating spectroscopy solutions into their product lines, as well as internally for quality control and process monitoring. Daniel first entered the field of photonics because he wanted to understand how lasers could be used, but then became fascinated by optical measurement methods and spectroscopy in general. Says Daniel, “It’s a technique you can use in so many industries, and it’s fascinating to see so many applications every single day. It also allows me to do something that can help us to improve our situation here on the planet Earth.”

After studying optoelectronics with a deep focus in optical measurement systems, Daniel gained hands-on experience developing automated calibration test stations and hardware to test and certify eye- and face-protection devices, and has built spectroscopy-based process analyzer systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

He brings this experience and passion for instrumentation to his work with research and OEM customers, balancing their performance needs with the practical requirements of implementation and budget. In his roles with different distributors of photonics and spectroscopy products within DACH, he has had the opportunity to support many projects spanning life science and industrial applications, and is an active member of Arbeitskreis Prozessanalytik, a working group for process analytics.

In addition to process analytics for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, Daniel has worked with researchers and companies employing SERS, spectroscopy in lateral flow assays, emission spectroscopy in tissue, authentication applications (banknotes, drugs, and food), UV/VIS gas analysis, fuel emissions monitoring, plastics sorting, and in-vitro diagnostics, to name a few.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys travel with his family, cycling, running, and other outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. We are delighted to have him on the team!

Contact Details

SphereOptics GmbH
Main office
Gewerbestrasse 13
82211 Herrsching, Germany
+49 8152 983 78-90

Daniel Bieg
Business Development Manager
Wasatch Photonics
SphereOptics GmbH
tel: +49 (0) 1627952797
fax: +49 (0) 8152 983 789-1