Michael Matthews

Michael joined Wasatch Photonics in 2016 as the Vice President of Business Development at the  Morrisville facility, and now leads the spectroscopy division. Michael’s background in Materials Science and Optics position him to quickly grasp customers’ technical requirements for gratings and spectroscopy applications, while his start-up and international business experience […]

Cicely Rathmell

As the Vice President of Marketing at Wasatch Photonics, Cicely plays a crucial role in promoting the company’s products and driving marketing strategies, bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and its real-world impact. Her expertise spans areas such as spectroscopy, optical filters, fiber optics, optical coherence tomography and ultrafast lasers. […]

David Creasey, PhD

As Chief Executive Officer for Wasatch Photonics since February 2017, David oversees the operations, growth, and strategy for our gratings, spectroscopy, and OCT products. Trained as a laser spectroscopist, he brings a deep technical understanding of optical technology and applications to the company’s product roadmap and vision. Under his leadership, […]