Elroy Pearson

Elroy Pearson holds the role of Senior Optical Engineer at Wasatch Photonics, to which he brings deep holographic experience as well as multi-disciplinary breadth. Elroy studied computer engineering initially, going on to pursue an MSc at MIT with a thesis in holographic displays. Early in his career, he apprenticed with the founder of Wasatch Photonics, during which time he helped develop the world class gratings for which the company is known. For over 14 years, Elroy has led and contributed to optical design teams working on holographic technologies and tools ranging from large-aperture, multiplexed holographic optics for lidar to holographic data storage as well as holographic printers and holographic video displays. He spent another decade of his career creating automated and microfabricated tools for pharmaceutical research, optical zoom camera modules for consumer electronics, giving him a unique perspective and insight into the applications of holographic optical elements.