Mike Sullivan

Lead Optical Engineer

As lead optical engineer for spectroscopy and OCT products since 2010, Mike is responsible for the innovative, high-throughput spectrometer designs for which Wasatch Photonics is known. He founded the Systems Division in Durham, and served as its General Manager from 2010 to 2016.

Prior to joining Wasatch Photonics, Mike was President and Founder of Kiara Biosystems and Co-Founder and CEO of Centice Corporation. He has also played principal roles in product strategy and development for early stage companies such as OptXCon, Retinapharma Technologies, Animas Corporation, Cytometrics and Karl Storz Imaging. During his tenure as a Research Associate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Duke University, he also served as Manager of the Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics. In addition, he has received numerous industry and academic awards, including the Hughes Fellowship, R&D 100, and Photonics Circle of Excellence Awards. He holds a BS in Physics from UCLA and an MS in Acoustics from Pennsylvania State University.

Mike is an active member of the Board of Directors for Wasatch Photonics, in addition to consulting on spectroscopy and OCT product development.