Verbose Logging

ENLIGHTEN supports variable logging with a range of granularities including DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR and CRITICAL. By default, only “INFO”-level messages are logged for viewing.

You can dynamically raise the logging level to “DEBUG” by clicking the “Verbose Logging” checkbox on the Hardware → Setup → Logging page, but that will only capture post-startup events (as the application itself has already loaded). To capture the ENLIGHTEN startup sequence as well, for a full debug trace, use one of the following methods.

  • Click the “Verbose Logging” checkbox as described above, then exit ENLIGHTEN and restart. In ENLIGHTEN 1.3.22 and above, this should add a section titled “[logging]” to your EnlightenSpectra\enlighten.ini file, with the line “verbose = True”. Subsequent application launches should have verbose (debug) logging enabled by default (at least for everything after the loading of the .ini file).


  • Edit the ENLIGHTEN desktop shortcut you use to launch ENLIGHTEN by adding --log-level debug to the shortcut’s “Target”. More specifically:
    1. Right-click on the ENLIGHTEN desktop shortcut.
    2. Choose “Properties”
    3. Scroll right to the end of the “Target” field, past the close-quote following “Enlighten.exe” (or “Enlighten.bat” depending on version)
    4. Append a space, followed by --log-level debug.
    5. When prompted, click “Continue” to make administrative changes.

Logfile Location

ENLIGHTEN’s logfile is saved in C:\ProgramData\wasatch_applog.txt. The “ProgramData” folder is normally hidden by Windows, so the only way to access it is to manually type “C:\ProgramData” into the navigation bar of a Windows Explorer window.

This file may be viewed in Notepad/Wordpad, or emailed along with support tickets (recommend zipping first 🙂 ).