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OCT Software Solutions for Spectrometers & Systems

WP OCT application software & SDKs

Looking for easy to use yet powerful software for OCT system control, image capture, and processing? We’ve redesigned our suite of OCT software solutions from the ground up to create an enabling tool with power and flexibility for researchers and OEMs. Whether you want to immediately begin collecting images with our OCT systems, or very quickly develop your own laboratory or OEM software for imaging, we have the tools to speed your development, from the spectrometer to the system level.

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Our OCT software development kits (SDKs) offer maximum flexibility and accelerate system development for researchers who prefer to develop their own imaging software, or OEMs looking to integrate with a larger system. Available in C++, LabView, and MatLab, this trio of SDKs simplify image acquisition, optimize system control, deliver powerful parallel data processing, and support data acquisition at up to 250 kHz speeds. See the options.

Our WP OCT system software draws on the benefits of each of these SDKs to create a turnkey, user-friendly GUI for our WP OCT systems with control over contrast, dispersion, position, and all other imaging parameters. Learn more

Note: WP OCT system software is not indicated for medical or diagnostic use.

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