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OCT Software Solutions

Looking for easy to use yet powerful software for OCT system control, image capture, and processing? We’ve redesigned our suite of OCT software solutions from the ground up to create an enabling tool with power and flexibility for researchers and OEMs. Whether you want to immediately begin collecting images with our OCT systems, or very quickly develop your own laboratory or OEM software for OCT, we have the tools to speed your development, from the spectrometer to the system level.

WP OCT software solutions

Our OCT software development kits (SDKs) offer maximum flexibility and accelerate system development for researchers who prefer to develop their own software, or OEMs looking to integrate with a larger system. Available in C++, LabView, and MatLab, this trio of SDKs simplify image acquisition, optimize system control, deliver powerful parallel data processing, and support data acquisition at up to 250 kHz speeds.

Our WP OCT application software draws on the benefits of each of these SDKs to create a turnkey, user-friendly GUI for our WP OCT systems with control over contrast, dispersion, position, and all other imaging parameters.

WP OCT Software Development Kits

WP OCT SDK options

These SDKs allow you to begin acquiring images in just 30 minutes from any spectrometer camera or system we offer, saving days to weeks of software development time with guaranteed results. They are offered for C++, LabView, and MatLab environments, and can be used via both Camera Link and USB 3.0 interface. We provide an open source front end that allows you to get started quickly with sample code, which you can then adapt to your own needs. Each SDK also comes with its own demo program/GUI in your programming language of choice, which you can modify, build on, or customize visually to create your own unique interface, algorithms, and analysis. Our powerful multi-threaded processing technique allows you to call and process data simultaneously, drawing on the GPU to speed processing for faster image display and refresh. Use one SDK or all three to accelerate your system design and development while maintaining full control over fit, form, and function of your OCT software and imaging interface.

WP OCT Acquisition LabView sample GUI
WP OCT Acquisition LabView sample GUI


WP OCT Acquisition MatLab sample GUI
WP OCT Acquisition MatLab sample GUI

WP OCT Analyzer capabilities

WP OCT Analyzer can be used to enhance, segment, or identify OCT images

WP OCT Acquisition

We’ve simplified the process of camera communication with this easy-to-use toolkit. Specific to the needs of OCT, yet flexible for a wide range of applications, it distills the many calls required to control a typical OCT camera down into a series of simple commands relevant for OCT data collection.

  • acquisition supports both USB 3.0 and Camera Link
  • compatible with all cameras and framegrabbers used in Wasatch Photonics products
  • supports data acquisition at up to 250 kHz
  • supports simultaneous communication with 2 cameras

WP OCT Controller

We’ve made peripheral control easy and seamless with this SDK designed for use with WP OCT systems, scanning probes, and OEM modules. It enables full control and monitoring of our OCT engine board to get your system running quickly.

  • control of peripherals like reference arm motors, liquid lens, light sources and others
  • synchronization of data acquisition with scanning mechanism
  • control of different scan patterns for volume acquisition

WP OCT Processor

This processing module tackles one of the most challenging aspects of OCT image generation with powerful parallel processing algorithms for maximum speed and image quality.

  • converts line scan data into meaningful 2D OCT image data and 3D OCT volume data
  • processing tasks are GPU-accelerated for maximum performance
  • works as a standalone module, compatible with any 2D string of line scans for processing


This analysis module uses machine learning algorithms to to facilitate the translation of images into actionable information. Work with our basic library of biological and industrial samples, or let us develop custom analysis parameters and capabilities for your specific application.

  • image enhancement – generated from a single scan in real-time, without motion artifacts
  • layer segmentation – automated identification of the top surface boundary
  • identification/classification – determine sample identity, detect defects, or assess quality

WP OCT Application Software

WP OCT Application software for systems
WP OCT Application software for systems

Acquire images quickly and easily from any WP OCT or custom system using this turnkey application software for visualization and acquisition. A live feed provides instant OCT imaging in the main screen, with complementary en face imaging of the surface of the sample as inset, captured using a high-resolution color camera. By positioning the scan arrow on the surface image the location of the OCT scan can be easily selected. Save the image on-screen to the working directory with a single mouse click, or record several frames to the disk to avoid loss of useful data, or capture brief events. WP OCT application software not allows standard image formats like .tiff and .png.

To learn more about WP OCT software solutions, contact us at info@wasatchphotonics.com.

Getting started with our WP OCT software development kits in 5 easy steps:

  1. Install Camera Link card in computer, or plug in USB 3.0
  2. Install WP OCT Acquisition, or all three SDKs!
  3. Select camera parameters/procedures (the “CCF” file specific to your camera)
  4. Start C++, LabView, or MatLab, then pull up our example code
  5. Start scanning!

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