Press Release: Raman Library Matching

– Wasatch Photonics Integrates KnowItAll Raman Spectral Identification Capabilities through Partnership with Wiley –

MORRISVILLE, N.C. – June 3, 2020 – As part of rapid expansion of the Wasatch Photonics Raman spectroscopy product line, the company has announced a strategic partnership with Wiley Science Solutions ( and its KnowItAll Raman Spectral Identification Partner Program. The partnership will allow Wasatch Photonics customers direct access to KnowItAll’s Raman identification software capabilities through the company’s ENLIGHTEN™ spectroscopy operating software, leveraging integration with compact, modular Raman spectroscopy solutions. KnowItAll offers the world’s largest Raman spectral database, powered by spectral search algorithms optimized for speed and performance. This comprehensive library covers a wide range of compounds including organics and inorganics, with specialty libraries covering drugs, fragrances, polymers, nutraceuticals, and more.

Wiley-Powered-by-KnowItAll-logoAs a Wiley KnowItAll Raman Spectral Identification Partner, Wasatch Photonics will provide its Raman spectroscopy customers with a free trial of KnowItAll Raman Identification Pro, accessible through the Wasatch Photonics ENLIGHTEN™ software. Users will benefit from the comprehensive, high-quality database of reference Raman spectra and patented spectral analysis solutions available only through KnowItAll, together with the ability to rapidly acquire Raman spectra in a single software application, thereby enhancing the user experience.

“Wasatch Photonics is known for delivering high-quality Raman spectra in innovative, easy-to-use instrumentation, and the power of KnowItAll’s spectral identification software and extensive libraries is clear,” says Dr David Creasey, Wasatch Photonics CEO. “This strategic partnership marries the core competencies of both companies for the benefit of Raman spectroscopists.”

Integration of KnowItAll’s toolsets with Wasatch Photonics’ ENLIGHTEN™ spectral acquisition software eliminates the need for multiple software packages and increases overall lab efficiency. Combined with the world’s largest spectral reference database, access to the KnowItAll software capabilities gives chemists the most advanced technology available for Raman spectral analysis.

Learn more about the newly integrated Raman library matching capabilities.  

KnowItAll is a trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in certain jurisdictions.