CEO David Creasey to speak at SciX 2019

Sense and Sensitivity: Compact Raman without Compromise

FACSS/SciX 2019 Conference
Wednesday, October 16th
Session RAM-05, 1:50 pm

Be the first to see our newest innovations in compact, high-throughput Raman – before they hit the market!

Both handheld and laboratory Raman have become an important part of our analytical lexicon, supplanting IR and other techniques as the method of choice for their sensitivity, selectivity, and flexibility. Yet the two have remained divided. Now, for the first time, instruments are emerging to bridge that gap, with sensitivity that far exceeds what we think of as ‘portable’ Raman, and size that enables benchtop Raman measurements to leap from lab to hand.

Over the past five years, Wasatch Photonics has introduced a series of Raman spectrometers and systems that extend the reach of portable Raman, addressing key challenges in sensitivity, miniaturization, and wavelength. The next stage in this evolution includes both ‘mini’ and ‘micro’ OEM optical benches designed specifically for portable Raman, with application specific accessories. We’ll discuss the key problems facing Raman spectroscopy, and the customer-inspired solutions we’re creating to solve them.

Size reduction, wavelength specificity, fluorescence suppression, application-specific accessories, through barrier detection, and mixtures & libraries will all be discussed, drawing on performance and application data to make the case for a new era in portable Raman – compact Raman without compromise, with superior sensitivity across a 30x reduction in form factor. Available in a choice of Raman excitation wavelengths, each with modular application specific sampling accessories and novel post processing options, our recently launched and emerging Raman products represent a significant evolution in the manifestation of portable Raman.

With powerful footprints from postcard to credit card, we deliver sensitivity exceeding many compact benchtop spectrometers – and answers once limited to high-end instruments. Furthermore, we address many of the problems of Raman in the real world – transcending the traditional vial to capture the signal beyond the bottle or buried in the background, time and again delivering the answers to the questions most pertinent for our safety, confidence, or health.

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