Holographic Tuning Technician – Optical Diffraction Gratings

Wasatch Photonics is seeking a self-motivated Holographic Tuning Technician to fine tune and process holographic gratings. Holography experience is not required, however an aptitude for learning quickly, grasping concepts, applying basic math skills, and meticulously following instructions is required. The work includes being on your feet for much of the production shift.

Location: Logan, UT

Diffraction gratings are optical components that separate light into their colors. They are used in many different devices and instruments that improve our lives: security screening machines in airports, OCT scanners at the ophthalmologist, lasers used for cutting, and instruments for diagnosing disease or performing scientific research, to name just a few. Our gratings can be found all over the world, in medical clinics and manufacturing facilities, and at the top of mountains in giant telescopes. We’ve even sent gratings to the space station, the Moon, and Mars!

The first diffraction gratings our company made were used by IBM in early barcode readers. We make them by creating a pattern in a thin layer of gelatin sandwiched between two pieces of glass. We’ve perfected this technology over the past 20 years, and have several patents that allow us to make the best gratings in the world for some applications. Our customers depend on our quality, reliability, and consistency – which is what makes this Quality Technician position so important.

Job Duties:

  • Ensure a safe and clean working environment
  • Produce and fine tune High Quality Optical Gratings
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for continual improvement
  • Learn and understand processes within department
  • Use spectrometers and other measurement devices to validate product performance
  • Ability to follow processes according to ISO 9001 QMS

Qualifications / Education

  • High School Diploma (or Equivalent) or higher
  • Self-Motivated and able to work with little supervision
  • Detailed oriented and be comfortable with multi-tasking
  • Comfortable with basic math
  • Comfortable prioritizing multiple tasks across daily responsibilities and long-term projects
  • Must be team oriented; enjoys working with colleagues at all levels of the organization

About Wasatch Photonics

Wasatch Photonics is a fast-growing company with several market-leading products with optics at its core. Key product areas from Wasatch Photonics include Raman spectroscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography, hyperspectral imaging, volume phase holographic gratings, and diffractive optics.

The company is an ideal place for energetic and innovative individuals looking to grow a developing company with exceptional products in a fast-paced startup driven environment. Wasatch Photonics provides a collaborative and cordial environment and sees the growth and development of its team members as integral for its success.

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