Wasatch Photonics Unleashes Game Changing Spectral-domain OCT Spectrometer

High-sensitivity imaging at 840 nm using the Cobra-S spectrometer for ophthalmology (top left), dermatology (bottom left) and angiography (right).

Logan, UT and Durham, NC – Wasatch Photonics, Inc. announced its new OCT spectrometer, Cobra-S, offering unbeatable ultra-high speeds of 250,000 lines per second and enhanced roll-off performance for deeper sample penetration with the highest image clarity. The Cobra-S can be designed into near infrared OCT systems for research and OEM applications. A part of the Wasatch Photonics’ industry-leading Cobra spectrometer line, the Cobra-S is designed for a wide variety of spectral-domain OCT applications including ophthalmology, dermatology, angiography, oncology and industrial use.

“Cobra-S is the result of our commitment to provide researchers and industry partners with the latest technology that enables and drives new applications,” said David Creasey, President of Wasatch Photonics Systems Division. “We expect the speed of this OCT spectrometer to be a major game changer in optical coherence tomography – one which will cause traditional swept source OCT users to reconsider spectral domain OCT.”

At 250 kHz, the Cobra-S gives the user line scan rates at least two to three times higher than other current commercial spectrometer models. With a unique design to provide improved roll-off performance resulting in deeper imaging and higher image quality, the spectrometer offers increased accuracy with superior data. This spectrometer package includes available feature options for athermal opto-mechanics to maintain the performance level over a wide range of operating conditions. The compact and modular design was developed with research applications and OEM compatibility in mind. Cobra-S is available in multiple configurations to cover different wavelength regions for the utmost flexibility and function.

“While most spectral-domain OCT spectrometers provide high-resolution and good phase-stability, there are drawbacks regarding speed and sensitivity fall-off with depth,” said Nishant Mohan, Vice President, OCT Division at Wasatch Photonics. “The Cobra-S addresses both sensitivity and fall-off issues while maintaining very high resolution and phase-sensitivity in this technology.”

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is currently one of the fastest growing optical diagnostic technologies and is becoming a staple tool in ophthalmology offices. Use in cardiology, dermatology and non-destructive industrial and laboratory testing practices has been growing at a rapid pace.

For specific information, contact the Wasatch Photonics OCT Product Division: info@wasatchphotonics.com or by phone: 919-544-7785.

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February 20, 2017