Raman Designed for Innovation

Transform research to reality with ‘OEM Inside’

We’ve created our Raman X series optical platform for the people who don’t like to be held back, who are always thinking ahead to the next step, and who want an instrument that can get them there faster. We’ve worked with researchers who are developing innovative new applications of Raman, and with OEM instrument manufacturers who require reproducible Raman to realize their ideas. The problems they seek to solve vary widely, but many of the needs we hear are the same: sensitivity, stability, and consistent results. Dependable answers begin with high quality data you can trust, and a company you can trust to deliver.

That’s why we’ve designed a unique line of Raman products to meet the needs of both, in a highly sensitive, configurable and manufacturable platform that accelerates an application’s journey from research to reality. At the research/innovation stage, we get you started with a high throughput, low noise optical bench configured to your exact needs – and reconfigurable for future projects. Then, when you’re ready to take your concept to market, we simply remove the cover. That’s it. No redesign, no model redevelopment, no rework – just speed.

We call it ‘OEM Inside’. Let’s take a look.


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