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WP 785 ER Raman spectrometer + integrated laser

Simplify your system design and reduce footprint with a flexible, semi-integrated 785 Raman system. This streamlined model couples with our user-configurable Raman probe to enhance your sampling options.

  • Ideal for cutting-edge research, automated measurements & OEM concepts
  • 100 – 3600 cm-1 measurement range available, onboard 450 mW multimode laser
  • Connects easily to a probe or other sampling optics for multiple application use
  • High NA, f/1.3 design based on our own VPH gratings for superior sensitivity
  • Choice of regulated or TEC-cooled detector to suit application needs
  • Streamlined power and laser control via the spectrometer for remote operation
  • Complimentary ENLIGHTEN™ operating software & SDKs
  • Optional Raman library matching & building via KnowItAll spectral matching engine

Technical Notes


We’ve maximized the efficiency of our WP 785 ER spectrometer + integrated laser to give you more sensitivity, better SNR, and faster measurements in a compact footprint. Collect more light with our f/1.3 input, keep more light with our patented high transmission VPH gratings & diffraction-limited optics, and detect more light with scientific-grade detectors. When tested side by side, our spectrometers consistently outperform larger, more expensive units. From sample coupling to detector cooling, we give you more options to get the exact performance you need, powered by our free ENLIGHTEN™ spectroscopy software & SDKs, which now includes compound ID and library building via Wiley’s KnowItAll spectral identification engine.

See how our spectrometers compare to a typical compact f/4 reflection-based spectrometer in our tech note, Why Wasatch for Raman?

The choice between a flexible, probe-based Raman system and a more integrated, compact one depends largely upon which optical coupling method is best for your application or sample. Sensitivity, size, and laser control may also be considered. Here are the options we offer for the WP 785 ER:

A fully modular Raman system uses fibers to route excitation light between laser, probe, and spectrometer. This physically flexible interface is good for bringing Raman to the sample (clinical use, art analysis, in-situ process monitoring), or when the spectrometer can’t get too close to the sample (production line or extreme environments). It also offers maximum reconfigurability to mix and match components as desired, change sampling accessory, or to re-use existing equipment. Is this a better system for you? Consider our WP 785 ER spectrometer, or the more compact, fingerprint range WP 785 spectrometer.
A semi-integrated Raman system combines the spectrometer and laser into a single unit to reduce footprint and cost, while separate connectors for each allow a fiber-optic Raman probe or other sampling optics to be used. This configuration maximizes value without sacrificing flexibility, and yields signal comparable to a fully modular system. Power and controls for the laser are provided through the spectrometer, simplifying cabling and allowing remote/automated operation. Do you like this approach, but want a more conservative range & cost? Consider our WP 785 spectrometer + integrated laser, which covers only the fingerprint range.

This spectrometer may be configured with your choice of slit size and sample coupling (fiber coupled or free space). To explore other R&D system options, visit the ‘Choose Your Model’ tab on this page. Are you developing a new product? Learn more about our OEM capabilities & WP 785 OEM spectrometer, or contact us to discuss a custom OEM design!

  • f/#: 1.3
  • Wavenumber Range: 100 - 3600 cm-1 (R2) | 100 - 3350 cm-1 (C2)
  • Blocking/Sorting Filter: Installed with 100 cm-1 longpass filter as standard
  • Resolution, 10 um slit: 6 cm-1 (R2) | 6.7 cm-1 (C2)
  • Resolution, 25 um slit: 7.1 cm-1 (R2) | 8.7 cm-1 (C2)
  • Resolution, 50 um slit: 12 cm-1 (R2) | 13.4 cm-1 (C2)
  • Blocking/Sorting Filter: Installed with 100 cm-1 longpass filter as standard
  • Fiber Port: SMA 905 (fiber coupled model) ; free space coupled model available (40 μm laser spot size)
  • Laser Wavelength: 785 nm
  • Laser Type: Multimode
  • Laser Power: 450 mW
  • Max Line Rate: 285 Hz
  • Size: 24.0 x 13.5 x 8.2 cm

We offer two cooled detector options for the WP 785 ER Raman spectrometer + laser, allowing you to balance your desired signal to noise and temperature stability with power draw and cost for maximum value. Not sure what’s right for you? Contact us to discuss.

R2 detector: TEC-regulated to 10°C, most cost-effective Raman solution
C2 detector: TEC-cooled to -15°C, suitable for long integration times

Learn more about our detector cooling options.

  • Detector Type and Model: Hamamatsu S16011-1106 (R) | S7031-1006 (C)
  • Active Pixels: 2048 (R2) | 1024 (C2)
  • Pixel Dimensions: 14 x 14 μm (R2) | 24 x 24 μm (C2)
  • Integration Period Range: 3 ms - 60 s (R) | 8 ms - 60 s (C)
  • Optional Regulated Detector: 10°C (R2) | -15°C (C2)
  • Regulated Detector Temperature Stability: ± 0.2°C (R2) | ± 0.1°C (C2)
  • System Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 40°C, non-condensing
  • Data Interface: USB 2.0 Type B receptacle

Engineering Documents

  • ENG-0001 > Spectrometer USB Interface Specification
  • ENG-0034 > Feature Identification Device (FID) EEPROM Specification
  • ENG-0126 > Raman Laser Safety Interlock Behavior

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