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Volume Phase Holographic (VPH) Gratings

Wasatch Photonics Gratings and Diffractive Optics

The founders of Wasatch Photonics began writing Volume Phase Holographic (VPH) gratings in dichromated gelatin over 40 years ago, and no one does it better. We draw on our multiple patented design technologies to optimize each grating to its application, from stock gratings for R&D to custom gratings for our many OEMs. Our strengths include high efficiency, low polarization sensitivity, and uniform performance over broad bandwidths & large clear apertures – all in a robust, field-tested package. As an experienced volume gratings supplier, we offer quality, performance, and consistency you can count on. Learn the top 10 advantages of VPH gratings.

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Our enhanced volume phase gratings are unsurpassed for use in pulse compression, astronomy, and hyperspectral imaging. Our patented Dickson gratings and HD gratings meet the needs for demanding applications in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Raman & fluorescence spectroscopy, and other high speed, low light level applications.


Need just one grating? Search by center wavelength and dispersion

Specifications for stock gratings from 532 – 2000 nm CWL can be found by selecting the desired wavelength.

Center Wavelength (nm)
Lines per mmVisible840 nm900+ nm1000+ nm1300+ nm1550 nm1700+ nm
1501700 nm
2252000 nm
360550 nm
450580 nm
600600 nm840 nm900 nm1030 nm1550 nm
8001030 nm, 1064 nm
900930 nm1300 nm
960840 nm900 nm
11451310 nm
1200840 nm1030 nm, 1185 nm
12501030 nm
14501030 nm, 1050 nm
1500840 nm
17001030 nm
1800532 nm840 nm1030 nm

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