ENLIGHTEN™ Spectroscopy Software Product Manual

Current as of: ENLIGHTEN™ release 1.1.3

Thank you for downloading ENLIGHTEN™ software for Wasatch Photonics’ spectroscopy products. This manual has been written to help guide you in the use of ENLIGHTEN™ for Raman, fluorescence, and other spectroscopic techniques spanning the UV-VIS-NIR.  We are constantly adding new capabilities and features to make our software more powerful and easier to use, but will do our best to keep this manual current with the latest release. Should you need more information on a particular function not described here, or have feedback on features you would like to see added, please drop us a note!

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Quick Start
1.2 Laser Eye Safety

2 Installation

2.1 Compatibility

2.1.1 Microsoft Windows
2.1.2 Linux
2.1.3 MacOS

2.2 Download
2.3 Application Installation
2.4 Driver Installation
2.5 Uninstalling ENLIGHTEN™
2.6 Updates

3 Starting ENLIGHTEN™

3.1 Windows Start Menu
3.2 Command-Line
3.3 Opening Screen

4 Spectrometer Operation

4.1 Scope Capture

4.1.1 User Controls Light Source Control Detector Control Scan Averaging Temperature Control Display Axis Boxcar Smoothing Cursor

4.1.2 Chart Navigation Freezing / Unfreezing the Y-Axis

4.2 Saving Data

4.2.1 Saving Spectra (Scope Capture) Acquire

4.2.2 Manipulating Saved Spectra Rename Delete View Trace Collapse Re-sort

4.2.3 Save Options (Scope Setup) Saved File Formats Saved File Fields Saved Data Location

4.2.4 Batch Data Collection

4.3 Spectroscopic Techniques

4.3.1 Scope Mode

4.3.2 Raman Mode

4.3.3 Reflectance and Transmission Mode

4.3.4 Absorbance Mode Taking Dark and Reference Spectra

4.3.5 Other Modes

5 Hardware Configuration

5.1 Hardware Setup

5.1.1 Hardware Details

5.1.2 Logging

5.2 Hardware Capture

5.2.1 Detector Temperature

5.2.2 Laser Temperature

5.2.3 Waterfall Histogram

5.3 Spectrometer EEPROM

5.3.1 Gain and Offset Correction

5.3.2 Bad Pixel Correction

5.4 .INI Configuration

6 Troubleshooting

6.1 Application Logging

6.2 Common Error Conditions

6.2.1 Cannot connect to spectrometer

Appendix A: Command-Line Options

Appendix B: Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix C: .INI file format

Appendix D: Saved Data Formats