ENLIGHTEN™ Manual: Introduction


ENLIGHTEN™ is an interactive graphical spectroscopy application designed to let users quickly and easily view and save spectra from Wasatch Photonics spectrometers. It is intended to provide access to all of the most common spectroscopy functions via an intuitive interface that allows new users to begin taking high quality data quickly. It currently supports operation of one spectrometer at a time.

A future version of ENLIGHTEN™ will support multi-spectrometer operation.

1.1 Quick Start

If you are comfortable with Windows and familiar with spectroscopy and spectrometer control, feel free to jump right in and start using the program. Without an administrative password, there is nothing you can do to damage your computer or spectrometer hardware by clicking buttons to see what they do. ENLIGHTEN™ is designed to be as intuitive and customer-focused as possible, so dive in and have fun!

1.2 Laser Eye Safety

Although a full discussion of laser eye safety is out of scope for this document, note that if you are using a Raman spectrometer with internal or external laser, it is of paramount importance to properly follow all recommended safety precautions, including:

  • Knowing the output power level and excitation wavelengths of all lasers in operation
  • Ensuring that anyone within multi-path (bounce) line-of-sight to the laser is wearing protective goggles rated for the appropriate wavelength(s) and optical density (OD);
  • Ensuring that all emitted laser energy is fully captured within an enclosed, leak-proof shrouding, whether via optic tubes, fibers, cloths, covers, rigid housing, curtains etc.

For additional information see the following online resources:

Please ensure you have received adequate training from the Laser Safety Officer for your company / facility, or an experienced laser user should formal training not be possible.