ENLIGHTEN™ Manual: Installation


2.3 Application Installation

ENLIGHTEN™ can be installed by double-clicking the ‘ENLIGHTEN-Setup32-x.y.z.exe’ executable installer:

ENLIGHTEN™ installation requires administrator privileges. Make sure you have appropriate system access to install ENLIGHTEN™. Click “Yes” if presented with a user account control prompt:

Setup screen 1

Choose the installation folder, or click ‘Next’ to accept the default.

Setup screen 2

You may optionally choose to create a desktop shortcut:

Setup screen 3

During the installation process, make sure to click ‘Install’ when presented with the driver installation portion of the installer. These drivers are required to communicate with physical hardware from Wasatch Photonics.

Setup screen 4

If the installation completes successfully, you will see a message like the following, with an ENLIGHTEN™ shortcut icon on the desktop. Click Finish to complete the installation:

Setup screen 5

2.4 Driver Installation

The ENLIGHTEN™ installer automatically installs the libusb-win32 drivers used to communicate with your spectrometer. If you experience difficulties communicating with your spectrometer, it may be worth visiting the Windows Device Manager and confirming that the libusb-win32 drivers are installed and working correctly. See section for additional information.

2.5 Uninstalling ENLIGHTEN™

We hope you decide to keep using it, but if you need to remove ENLIGHTEN™ from a computer, the application may be uninstalled using the Windows Add/Remove Software control panel:

Uninstall screen

We also recommend that you uninstall your current instance of ENLIGHTEN™ before installing a newer version.

2.6 Updates

Users are recommended to uninstall earlier versions of ENLIGHTEN™ before installing new updates. See section for details.