Configuring 785 Raman for Your Application

Cutting-edge results start with the right tools, and we’re here to help you excel. Whether you are new to Raman, have a good idea of what you need, or are looking to make the transition from benchtop to portable, we have the products, resources, and expertise you need. Explore our newest 785 Raman products and some of their applications below, or contact us with your specific needs.

Multiple 785 Raman Models
Compact Raman should be powerful & flexible, like our new 785 Raman model for research. Spanning 100-3600 cm-1 and featuring a built-in 450 mW laser, it works with a probe or your own custom optics. See more options

User-configurable Probes
Reconfigure your probe for each new application with our innovative probe design. From our standard barrel to ball probe for immersion and custom lens adapter kit, get focal lengths from 0.1 to 50 mm. Explore options

Raman Library Matching
Collect & identify spectra using our software’s new built-in matching capability powered by KnowItAll from Wiley. Get a complimentary 1-year licence with any new 785 nm Raman model or ask about a retrofit! Learn more

What about sensitivity?

LOD-Sensitivity-ComparissonOur Raman products bridge a key gap between expensive benchtop Raman systems and their lower-cost, compact counterparts by using a high-NA spectrometer design based on our own patented high efficiency transmission gratings (see comparison data). This allows us to help many benchtop Raman applications make the transition to portable use in the field, the plant, or the clinic.

What about other wavelengths and configurations?

WP-WavelengthsWe offer Raman solutions for 405, 532, 633, 785, 830, and 1064 nm – all with our signature high sensitivity. Our configurations include modular, fully integrated, and hybrid Raman options to meet a wide range of application needs, in lab & OEM versions.  Get an overview of our configuration options, or select directly by wavelength & configuration.

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Explore some of our 785 Raman applications

Multiplexed bacterial detection with SERS

SERS-based nanosensors are emerging as highly sensitive assays for multiplexed detection of bacteria, and a novel magnetic nanoparticle approach developed at the University of Strathclyde shows promise for on-site detection of the toughest ones. Read the article in Spectroscopy

Plastics recyclingRapid Plastic ID with Extended Range Raman

Successful recycling depends on >99% sorting accuracy at high speed. Raman’s power to quickly discriminate between plastics has never been better than with the WP 785 ER, our high-resolution 785 Raman spectrometer covering both the fingerprint and functional range. See how – and why.

Implantable SERS Biosensors for pH

Can SERS outshine fluorescence as the technique of choice for biosensors? Explore a promising new 785 Raman sensor design for pH, and see the impact of hydrogel matrix on performance, as tested by automated flow monitoring aided by our convenient software driver kits. Learn more

Oil and gas exploration with spectroscopyRapid Online Analysis of Complex Gas Mixtures

785 Raman offers a promising alternative to gas chromatography for multicomponent analysis of complex gas mixtures. Data-driven Raman spectroscopy (DDRS) demonstrates simultaneous measurement of 12 hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon gases, even in the presence of matrix interferences. Read the full article in Spectroscopy

Schematic showing Raman monitoring of a bioprocess in real time.Raman Process Monitoring of Fermentation

Raman spectroscopy’s high analytical selectivity and insensitivity to water is well suited for process monitoring in biotechnology. Here we explore the fermentation of glucose with yeast. Applying multivariate tools, we can monitor the main reactants and products with high sensitivity: glucose, ethanol, and carbon dioxide. Learn more