A GRISM-Based Probe for Spectrally Encoded Confocal Microscopy

Abstract: Spectrally encoded confocal microscopy (SECM) is a novel approach for obtaining high resolution, depth-sectioned images of microstructure within turbid samples.  By encoding one dimension in wavelength, imaging probes can be greatly simplified compared to standard scanning confocal microscopes, potentially enabling endoscopic implementation. Optics Express (OSA): “A GRISM-based probe for spectrally encoded […]

NASA Lidar Uses HOEs for Lightweight Scanning

To reduce the cost and weight of spaceborne scanning lidar systems, NASA has developed conical scanning telescopes using holographic optical elements. Laser Focus World “NASA lidar uses HOEs for lightweight scanning”: Pages 141-147 by Geary Schwemmer, David Miller, Thomas Wilkerson, David Guerra, and Richard Rallison June 13, 2002

Holographic Optics Convert Rings to Points for Detection

A novel holographic optical element co-developed by Wasatch Photonics and NASA allows use of a linear array detector to record the fringe pattern of a Fabry-Perot for fringe-imaging Doppler lidar. LaserFocus World “Holographic optics convert rings to points for detection” by Matthew McGill and Richard Rallison March 17, 2001