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WP 1064L Raman System

Optimize this high sensitivity system with our build-to-print resolution, sample coupling, and detector cooling options.

  • Benchtop quality data, “compact” price
  • Up to 30x faster measurements
  • Superior stray light suppression, high SNR
  • Trace-level limit of detection
  • High thermal stability & reproducibility
  • Fully integrated, optimized laser & optics
WP 1064L Raman System product sheet


We’ve maximized the efficiency of our Raman systems to give you more sensitivity, better SNR, and faster measurements in a compact footprint. Collect more light with our f/1.3 input and matched sampling optics, keep more light with our patented high transmission VPH gratings & diffraction-limited optics, and detect more light with scientific-grade detectors. When tested side by side, our Raman systems consistently outperform larger, more expensive units. From sample coupling to detector cooling, we give you more options to get the exact performance you need. Call us to discuss your application!

WP 1064L Raman System Features/Benefits

  • f/1.3 high-efficiency optics for highest sensitivity
  • Compact design with integrated high stability 1064 nm laser
  • Turnkey system operation and software control
  • Back-thinned Si CCD with low noise electronics
  • Short acquisition time and high SNR spectra
  • TEC cooling option available
  • Bluetooth and Ethernet options available
  • OEM Solution

System may be configured with your choice of slit size and sample coupling (fiber coupled or free space). Extended range models covering up to 4000 cm-1 are available upon request. Call us to discuss your custom OEM design!

Download full specifications


  • f/#: 1.3
  • Slit Height: 2 mm
  • Wavenumber Range: 250 - 1850 cm-1
  • Blocking/Sorting Filter: Laser Rejection
  • Resolution, 10 um slit: 3 cm-1
  • Resolution, 25 um slit: 6 cm-1
  • Resolution, 50 um slit: 11 cm-1
  • Size: 19.3 x 13.0 x 7.0 cm
  • Max Line Rate: 500 Hz

All WP 1064 Raman systems employ a TEC cooled detector for best signal to noise and temperature stability.

  • Detector Type and Model: Hamamatsu G9214-512S InGaAs array
  • Active Pixels: 512
  • Pixel Dimensions: 25 x 500 μm
  • Quantum Efficiency Max: 82% average / 84% peak
  • Integration Period Range: 1 ms - 60 s
  • Signal to Noise: 2400:1
  • Dynamic Range System: 16,666
  • Read Noise: 180 e- RMS
  • Optional Regulated Detector: TEC cooling to -15°C on all units
  • Regulated Detector Temperature Stability: ± 0.1 C
  • Cooling Controls: ON/OFF/LOCK
  • System Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 40°C, non-condensing
  • Data Interface: USB 2.0 Type B connector (female), Ethernet and Bluetooth optional