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WP OCT System Software


Screenshot of the software with chicken embryo images

OCT volume of Daphnia

WP OCT Systems are supported by easy to use yet powerful software. WP OCT software offers unique features to support custom system development. This involves having low-level control and access to all the acquired data.  In general user can visualize, acquire and process the optical coherence tomography (OCT) data. The software has modes for 2D and 3D visualization and acquisition. The operator gets a live feed of the OCT image and simultaneously a view of the surface of the sample with high-resolution color camera. By positioning the scan arrow on the surface image the location of the OCT scan can be easily selected.

The image on the screen can be saved in the working directory by a single mouse click. WP OCT has a unique record feature that allows user to save the past few frames to the disk. This ensures user can prevent loss of useful data. WP OCT not

only allows standard image formats like .tiff and .png, but also supports medical device standard DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine).

3D Imaging

WP OCT software allows the user to collect three-dimensional OCT data. The volume can be visualized in the preview mode and again with a single click user can collect volume sizes as large as 1024 x 1024 x 1024. WP OCT also has custom features to collect volume of even larger sizes when needed. The acquired images can be saved as TIFF stacks or in a volume format like .vti. The images can be loaded back into OCT software for visualization. The visualization features allows for volume rendering from different perspective as well as scanning through different planes of the volume. As in 2D mode, the volume to collect is selected by defining the region in the surface image.

Custom Image Processing Plugins

WP OCT software allows user-defined plugins for the custom image processing methods. These plugins can either be entirely developed by the user or Wasatch Photonics can develop custom methods on user-defined algorithms and specifications. The software comes by default with plugins for standard filtering, stack averaging and segmentation.

Custom Scan Patterns

The most commonly used method to scan the focused beam for OCT image capture is raster scan. However certain scenarios require more complicated scan patterns. WP OCT not only provides standard raster scanning but also additional scan patterns of interest like circular and spiral scans. In addition, WP OCT allows the users to define their own custom patterns programmatically.  This variety in scanning is crucial for researchers looking to push the limits of standard OCT.


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